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Doutor Coffee Farm

“We wanted to be innovative, and we were surprised to see an increase in latte sales”…

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Dante Kitchen & Bar

Crafting a Legacy of Personalized Hospitality…

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Elma Hotel

In the enchanting world of Elma Hotel, where art, culture, and luxury converge, Ripples technology p…

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Birdhouse Wingerie & Bar

Birdhouse Wingerie and Bar uses Ripples to enhance their vibe and create an amazing personalized exp…

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The Yeatman

Curating a luxary experience “Going beyon expectations”…

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Express Kafeh

“the branding with the Ripples is what brings them back to us”…

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Hunter Japan

A new way for this heritage brand to connect with customers…

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Consistency, Customization and a Sense of Intrigue…

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Budweiser achieves Net Promoter Score of 96

Transforming live score updates, game statistics, and stand out players into drink prints…

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Guinness Roadshow Campaign

Guinness increased sales by 26% 3 Months, 24 bars and so much fun…

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Tom’s Confectionary Warehouse

“It’s one of the most effective marketing tools we’ve ever used…”…

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“The Ripple Maker is the cherry on top for the major brands we work with.”…

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Creating a space that customers want to talk about…

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The Momentum by Porsche

Lattes beyond imagination move customers’ hearts…

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Anniversaire Café – Tokyo, Japan

Ripples is part of the family. “Priceless” service achieved with Ripples…

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Café Georgetown

“It became viral online…everyone wanted to have that experience.”…

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Poupée French Bar & Restaurant

Branded cocktails are a feast for all 5 senses & increase social media reach…

Tel Aviv
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Hilton Tel Aviv: Future Forward

Hilton Tel Aviv uses bev-top media to keep their customer experience fresh…

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The Ibis Sarajevo Hotel

Setting the mood for guests with heartwarming messages on hot beverages…

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Lexus Lounge

Lexus dealerships worldwide are always looking for new ways to bring their “Experience Ama…

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Clalit Health Services

Clalit Health Services partnered with Ripples to add the X Factor to their vaccination clinics…

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The World’s First Gap Café

The Gap Concept store and café bring the brand’s California roots to life…

Shinjuku, Tokyo, Japan
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Café Lorees: Branding To-go

Café Lorees because a hotspot in the midst of the F&B industries’ toughest period….

Haifa, Israel
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Meet Maruyama Coffee

Marayuma Coffee rebranded as “Beethoven’s Café” this past November, and was looking for a uni…

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Meet Café Georgetown

Café Georgetown combines unique design with customized coffee…

Washington DC, United States
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Coffee Couture at Paris Fashion Week

View this post on Instagram A post shared by Leonie Hanne (@leoniehan…

Paris, France
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Le Café V

Louis Vuitton extends their brand to each monogrammed latte…

Osaka, Japan
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SKIMS pop-up café at Selfridges

London, UK
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Guinness Bar Pilot

Correlation between percentage of printed drinks and increase in…

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The Guinness “Stoutie”

View this post on Instagram A post shared by Paul Sch…

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View this post on Instagram A post shared by LiquidChefs…

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The Setai Hotel

Setting the bar for personalized service…

Miami Beach
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World of Beer

View this post on Instagram A post shared by WORLD OF BEER (@worl…

Continental US
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La Centrale Cafe

La Centrale uses Ripples to attract new customers – especially Millennials– inspire customer loy…

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Carrera Cafe

When Carerra Cafe started they were printing approx. 50 to 100 Ripples designs a month, but that qui…

Los Angeles
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Two Ruba at Hilton

A touch of luxury in every sip. “Ripples helps us build buzz for Two Ruba as a destination venue”…

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