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When thinking of beverage catering for corporate or private events, LiquidChefs is a company that has certainly made its mark. Since 2008, the UK-based mobile bar company has offered a completely unique experience for one-of-a-kind bar services for events worldwide. Working with global brands such as Schweppes, Facebook, Pinterest, O2 and many more, LiquidChefs clients have a brand reputation to maintain and grow. As such, differentiation and delegate impact are key for their events.

The LiquidChefs’ business model supports this by creating bespoke bar and beverage experiences, tailored to the events’ objectives and brand requirements. In a quest to seek further innovative, exciting, and engaging ways to deliver the company’s unique service promise, in 2018, LiquidChefs integrated two Ripple Makers into its business offering – with incredible results. Adam Solomon, CEO of LiquidChefs, comments, “I knew when I saw it, that this innovative technology would perfectly complement our business offering. Our customers love the opportunity to brand their events, and the Ripple Maker’ bev-top media provides a fresh new way to not only do that, but also better engage with delegates and stand out from the crowd. It’s a win-win for our clients and for our own business offering,” confirmed Solomon.



“The word has now spread that we offer the Ripple Maker experience, and it has really taken off,” states Solomon. “In the last few months, we’ve seen around a 20% increase in bookings due to the Ripple Maker, and we’re confident that this trend will continue. In addition, we are also seeing returning customers asking for the Ripple Maker experience, again and again.”

Through the use of the Ripples rental service, LiquidChefs is now also able to scale-up its Ripple Maker offering for larger worldwide events, such as the Davos World Economic Forum or the Cannes Lion Festival in France-events LiquidChefs regularly service. For these types of events, LiquidChefs can serve Rippled printed beverages to much bigger audiences, with Social Media playing a large role in extending the reach of the event and the customers’ brand awareness.

“Printed messages, pictures, logos and photos on a coffee or espresso martini are usually instantly uploaded to social media profiles. This is done by individuals attending the events we cater, pushing our customer’s profile and brand, but also our own. We’ve seen a lot of new inquiries and clients approach us based on Social Media coverage of our Rippled drinks.”

“In the last few months, we’ve seen around a 20% increase in bookings due to the Ripple Maker, and we’re seeing returning customers asking for the Ripple Maker experience, again and again.”

Adam Solomon, CEO LiquidChefs


“In the last three months, the Ripple Makers have had an amazing impact on sales. Customers are now coming to us specifically for the Ripple Maker experience – enabling us to upsell to them for other beverage options too. The Ripple Maker experience is almost acting as a sales enabler, allowing us to open doors that we wouldn’t have been able to open before,” Solomon concludes.

Especially for new product launches and activations, the Ripple Maker has been a much-requested tool in the LiquidChefs service offering, seeing the company serve over 4,000 Ripples coffees and 1,000 Ripples espresso martinis for one event alone.  

“The reaction we get from customers is very positive. They love the Ripple Maker because it creates a personal interaction, as well as facilitates brand promotion,” says Solomon. “As Ripples uses 100% natural coffee extract for ink, the environmental aspect of the technology is also a large selling point and a big win for us. This also fits perfectly with the sustainability and environmental ethos of most brands – and it completely aligns with our own core values too.”

From LiquidChefs Instagram Feed…

Pika, Pika, Pikachu! LiquidChefs used Ripples at the movie premiere in London!

About LiquidChefs Mobile

LiquidChefs are on a mission to create a mobile bar revolution. The kind that turns absolutely any function into an unforgettable event.

Established: 2003

With Ripples since: 2018

Fun fact: LiquidChefs have poured cocktails 1085m above sea level on top of Table Mountain!


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