Quality and Product Safety Policy

The management considers an opportunity to respond to the changing global environment and therefore has decided to implement the quality management system and product safety according to the requirements of quality standards and product safety according to standard quality requirements and the safety of ISO 9001  and FSSC 22000.

The management undertakes to meet all the necessary requirements for the company’s field of practice (national and international standards, regulations, orders, and any other law), including stakeholders’ requirements.

The management will ensure the implementation of a process of improvement that is based on the periodic objectives in the fields of quality and operation in order to increase customer satisfaction and to provide an optimal response to their needs and expectations.

The quality management system in the organization will be reviewed in order to ensure the extent of its updating, its effectiveness in achieving management goals, and the extent of its implementation and the level of its application in all levels of the organization.

This policy will be distributed and explained within and outside the organization according to external requirements, business partners.