Beverage-Top Media – Get your brand on everyone’s lips (literally)

Beverage-Top Media & the Naked Drink Gap

In an era of endless digital screens, getting consumers attention is a brutal challenge. Consider, though, what happens, when you put a coffee, beer or cocktail in front of anyone. For a few seconds, they stop what they’re doing – they stop looking at the many screens competing for their focus – and gaze at the drink. It is a moment of precious attention that goes unexploited. Bars, restaurants, and cafes alone waste billions of these moments of attention by failing to see the tops of drinks as a difference-making new medium.

Instead, what persists is a naked drink gap. This at first may not seem like much – a tiny piece of real estate in a fleeting instance. But the naked drink gap is an enormous untouched opportunity. It can be measured in critical lost chances to build a brand or get attention for a business. The naked drink gap hurts because the branding and advertising world has changed so much. Our eyes are glued to cell phones with multiple competing apps, or to laptops jammed with open browser tabs. Advertising tumbles in from TVs in bars, screens in elevators, billboards, and speakers.

In the seventies, consumers were exposed to 500 ad messages a day. Today, it’s over 5,000.

The barrage has made more and more people – Millennials in particular – reject advertising and marketing that’s not relevant to them or authentic. They instead trust Instagram, Yelp, and similar sites to find a new restaurant, experience or product of any kind through friends and influencers.

Advertising can no longer feel at all like advertising. It has to feel good, or it fails. Which is why the naked drink gap is so damaging. So few ways exist to cut through the clutter of messages and reach consumers in a way that thrills them.

And there has been no way to solve the naked drink gap – no technology that could turn the moment a drink is served into an effective modern medium for building a brand. Until the introduction of beverage-top media.

Bev-top media is a new marketing platform, perfectly suited to this digital, mobile and social era. It puts a high-resolution image or message atop a coffee, beer, cocktail or any foam-based drink. The images are imprinted on foam using natural ingredients. When the drink is served, the consumer looks down and sees something surprising, which grabs their attention.

  • It feels relevant. It’s a welcome experience. It feels good.
  • It gives customers an exciting new reason to buy another drink, boosting sales.
  • It starts conversations at events. “Oh wow, what’s on your drink?”

Importantly, bev-top media turns customers into viral advocates. They immediately get out their phones, take a picture, and post on social media. Images get liked and shared which means word spreads in a way today’s consumers embrace.

Ripples Bev-Top Media Content

With Ripples, beverage-top content can be images of any kind: a selfie, a brand or team logo, hashtags, symbols, greetings, holiday-themed content and more. The agile nature of the technology means it can respond instantly to events, creating messages that are real-time and relevant. It allows businesses to serve drinks with personalized messages or customized promotional offers on-the-fly.

While the drink image is analog, the beverage tech platform is digital – so it collects data.

It knows what images are most requested or trending, and which ones provoke action or lead to additional sales. The data helps hone campaigns, allowing brands do A/B testing and marketers can use the data to learn how to reach the audiences they want to reach.

Ripples Original Drink Designs

Ripples extensive library of drink designs is constantly updated with royalty-free content that includes original illustrations and trending collections. From personalized greetings, to seasonal or holiday themes, to cat memes, there is a Ripple drink design to suit every taste and occasion.

Branded Bev-Top Content

Businesses can upload and print branded beverage-top media content, including logos, promotional offers, images and more.

User Generated Bev-Top Content

Patrons and customers can express themselves by making their own images, becoming content creators. They simply submit image files using the customizable Ripples WebApp

Print on Coffee, Beer, and Cocktails

The Ripple Maker prints on any foam-based drink, including coffee lattes, nitro cold brew, beercocktails, and milkshakes. The barista or bartender simply prepares the drink as usual and places it on the machine, chooses a design, and prints instantly.

Printed Ripples drink designs are made from premium, natural ingredients that are safety-certified and impart no taste.

Industries Serving Bev-Top Media

Today, a growing range of businesses in industries and locations all over the globe are leveraging beverage-top media to engage customers, increase beverage sales, and boost brand awareness. Learn how to compete with the big beverage brands.

Cafes, Bars & Restaurants

From the classic Cafe de Flore in Paris, to the hip Carrera Cafe in Los Angeles, to over twenty World of Beer locations throughout the continental United States – smart food and beverage businesses use drink Ripples to stand out from the competition, drawing in new customers and delighting existing ones.

Travel and Hospitality

Hotels, cruise lines, and theme parks serve drink Ripples to create an exceptional guest experience that delivers personalization at scale. From five-star establishments such as the Waldorf Astoria or Setai Hotels, to Disney’s fun Caribbean cruises.


Drink Ripples stand out at high profile events and engage audiences at brand activations. See it in action at the Royal Wedding, the premiere of Aquaman, and at Google’s Made with Code community outreach event!

Food Services

From inside the offices at Intel to out at the Formula One race tracks, Ripples provides maximum engagement at minimum cost at sports and concert venues, corporate food service facilities, and for businesses exhibiting at expo centers.

Ripples History

Ripples pioneered beverage-top media and the technology behind it.  Since officially opening our doors in 2015, we’ve created thousands of Ripples designs, printing a growing average of 200,000 Ripples a month, and inspiring millions of social shares. Improve your drink branding with Ripples today!