What Makes the Ripple Maker More Than (Just) a Coffee Printer?

There’s a fierce battle waging in the world of latte art among baristas and latte art printers, with baristas on the one side crying to defend the craft of hand-poured or painted designs, and food tech innovators on the other, racing to meet the demands of hungry consumers.

We appreciate the distinction. And we believe there is a need and room for both. Hand-poured latte art elevates the barista as artist; foam printers enable drink art at scale.

One cannot replace the other, nor should they try.

Coffee foam printed message

But because they have the digital advantage, coffee printer machines need to work harder to demonstrate over-the-top design capabilities. If you’re a customer in the market for a latte art printer, and you’re looking to test drive a few models, you’ll quickly discover that, as in the automobile market, the range of options for coffee printer devices are very broad when it comes to quality and innovation.

We don’t mean to toot our own horn or tap our own 7-inch display interface, but the Ripple Maker is so much more than a coffee printer that it’s practically on a different scale than the generic foam printers available on sites like Amazon or Alibaba.

“Most people that come here saw us on Instagram – they saw the photos because people tagged us. It’s also helped us build a very strong community on Instagram. We’ve gotten more than 7000 organic followers in just two months.”

Lorees Eid, Owner, Café Lorees

Creative Campaign Management with Bev-Top Media

Firstly, Ripples is a beverage-top media platform with full-scale content capabilities.

What exactly does that mean?

  • Dynamic content feed, continuously updated with new and trending designs
  • Real-time and location-based customization lets you personalize drink designs on-the-fly and at scale!
  • Ripples cloud storage to create and save your original and branded designs
  • Web app integrations that allow end-consumers to co-create and submit designs of their own
  • High resolution printing technology – even selfies!
  • Optimization tools to help you track and analyze bev-top campaigns
  • Ripples BI provides big-data insights into geo- and industry-based content trends

Better content means better exposure for your brand on social media. Customers are universally wowed by the cup content that Ripples helps businesses to deliver, and are a lot more likely to share those experiences both in person and online. To that end, Ripples employs a team of talented illustrators and designers to create content that is engaging and ensures DOI (delight on investment) alongside traditional ROI.

Ripples printing pods

Natural Drink Ink – Nothing But Delight

It’s not just content that distinguishes Ripples’ product offering. When it comes to ‘drink ink’, our patented Ripples Pods are the only ones on the market that are formulated with  no artificial colors or preservatives.

Our coffee, malt, carrot, cabbage, and all new riboflavin-based print pods get their color from actual premium extracts, not fake food coloring. Importantly, all our formulas are completely flavorless so they won’t affect the taste of your drinks.

Ready for Ripples?