World of Beer

Redefining the craft beer experience

As the original craft beer bar, WOB boasts hundreds of beers and 50 rotating taps at each location, along with signature food menus specifically designed to enhance the flavor of beers. Today, they’ve grown to become a global franchise with 60+ locations across the United States, South Korea, and China. The company’s founding story echoes that of Ripples: two guys looking down at a cup of coffee (or in their case, beer) and dreaming of a better drinking experience.

So it’s only fitting that they were the inaugural commercial partner for Ripples and the first North American chain to service personalized pints using the Ripple Maker PM machine. While they undoubtedly stand out through their expansive beer offering and matched food menu, WOB’s core differentiator is actually hospitality driven and their staff is geared towards over-delivering on customer expectations.

Incorporating the Ripple Maker allows the WOB team to scalably execute their customer-first strategy in a way that is both flexible and personalized. Imagine, for example, serving a beer connoisseur with a stout that says, “Fine choice of beer, Kyle”, or presenting a foamy “Happy Anniversary, Kate!” to a couple who have come in to celebrate.

Ripples designs not only delight WOB customers, but also enhance work performance (and tips) for WOB staff. As a franchise with over 60 locations, the WOB team understands the importance of efficient communication workflows to ensure their branding, messaging, and promotional offers are executed consistently. To stay aligned WOB’s executive marketing team sends out weekly updates by email and uploads all relevant marketing collateral to a shared directory among franchise members, field marketing teams, social media managers, and more. The directory, which is aptly named ‘the Cellar’, allows WOB to seamlessly integrate Ripples creative with their extensive marketing communications.

“Ripples helps us extend visitation time, increase frequency of visitation, and provide a better overall experience.”

James Buell, Chief Brand & Innovation Officer at World of Beer

Following a successful pilot in Tampa during St Patrick’s Day last year, WOB rolled out Beer Ripples to 20 locations across the US. WOB COO, Dave Reid, commented that the “reaction during our St Patrick’s Day pilot was overwhelming positive. Not only did we bring smiles to our customers, we increased our social engagement with them and saw an uplift in sales as people couldn’t resist seeing their favorite images in their beers. World of Beer has been providing unique craft beer experiences to our guests for more than 11 years so our partnership with Ripples is a natural fit with our commitment to innovation.”

Shortly after installation, the WOB staff noticed that positioning Ripple Maker machines in central locations on their bar naturally drew the attention of customers seated nearby.  The lively engagement also drew in requests for additional drink rounds, and prominent machine display has since become a best practice among participating WOB locations.