Elma Hotel

Where Art, Culture, and Luxury Meet

Elma Hotel is an extraordinary fusion of art, culture, and opulence. It transcends the realm of a mere boutique hotel, serving as an immersive museum adorned with awe-inspiring artistry. At the heart of Elma’s philosophy lies the dedication to personalized hospitality, an ethos that ensures every guest feels genuinely acknowledged and cherished.

We had the privilege of sitting down with Ido Avital, the Vice President of Elma Hotel.

The Art of Arrival
Elma Hotel is committed to personalized hospitality and making guests feel like cherished friends upon arrival. They sought not only to convey a sense of warmth and familiarity but also to impress guests from the moment they arrive. Elma introduces guests to the hotel’s unique ambiance and sets the tone for their stay by offering personalized macaron cookies, imprinted with each guest’s name and custom greetings, at check-in.

The Wow Effect
When presented with their macron, the guests are amazed, seizing the opportunity to take pictures, which they then share on social media (tagging Elma, of course). Elma Hotel has successfully achieved the “wow effect” they aspired to create, offering something their guests haven’t seen anywhere else.

Efficient Operations
Implementing Ripples technology for this purpose proved surprisingly straightforward. (Ido admitted he was afraid it’d be much more complex). The Ripple Maker II Pro has a dual-cartridge holder. This means that the Elma Hotel can print lattes with Ripples’s coffee printing machine (using coffee extract)  for breakfast and then immediately after service they use the same machine to create personalized macarons for the day’s arrivals – without switching pods or changing settings. “It’s super efficient from an operational point of view and exactly fits our needs.”

A Resounding Recommendation
When asked about recommending Ripples to colleagues, Ido Avital shared that the magic of Ripples is a combination of a unique product and the people behind it. “I feel they have the same goals as I do. With the personal service they provide, paired with constant technical developments to advance the food and beverage industry, Ripples is a company that is set apart.”

In the enchanting world of Elma Hotel, where art, culture, and luxury converge, Ripples technology plays a pivotal role in crafting a truly unforgettable guest experience, leaving an indelible mark on the hearts and taste buds of all who enter its doors.