Meet our Ripples 2.0 Platform

Get to know the products behind Ripples’ end-to-end solution.

Ripple maker II

Ripple Maker II

Streamlined branded experiences.
  • Minimal counter-top footprint.
  • Automatically prints on cups of different heights and sizes, from espresso to cocktails.
  • Streamlined operation with peak hours mode.
  • Brand the Ripple Maker and make it your own.

Product specs:

  • W: 220mm (8.7in) / H: 439mm (17.3in) / L: 327mm (12.9in)
  • Weight: 10.5kg (23.2lbs)

Beverage specs:

  • Cup Height: 45-225 mm (1.77-8.85 in)
  • Cup Diameter: 70-105mm (2.7-4.1 in)

Content Management

Endless ideas and creative freedom.
  • Enjoy access to Ripples’ extensive content library with thousands of royalty-free designs.
  • Manage your designs and save your favorites in a dedicated collection.
  • Create your own branded frames.
  • Search content by #tags.
  • Upload and download content directly to and from the Ripple Maker or the cloud.

Enterprise Management

Stay on top of your bev-top media system.
  • Manage your machine fleet and track usage, permissions, locations, workflows, notifications, and more.
  • Manage your content channels and design, including original branded designs, events, campaigns, and more.
  • Receive detailed reports regarding your operations, including the number of prints, extracts usage, locations, performance, customers’ demographic data, and more.


Make it your own and give customers a voice.
  • Customizable web app builder, exclusive to your brand.
  • Design and adjust a wide range of parameters, including images, text, colors, language, user journeys, and logos to fit your campaign needs.
  • Turn selfies into artwork with 4 unique filters.
  • Users can save multiple WebApps for different purposes and enjoy an interactive design preview and several work modes for their campaigns.
  • Engage customers by inviting them to create User-Generated Content (UGC).

Natural Extracts

A healthy, colorful approach to branding.
  • Patented pods made from natural ingredients with naturally occurring preservatives and no artificial colors.
  • Available extracts: Coffee, malt, carrot and glow.
  • Wholly-owned certified production factory.
  • Optimized to print on a variety of foams.
  • Meets strict global safety regulations.
  • Gluten-free and non-GMO.
  • 100% vegan.


Open your mind to boost your business.
  • Our printable inspiration cookbook is filled with recipe ideas and design concepts.
  • Increase customer engagement and order rates with Ripples’ in-store collateral that encourages printing customized beverages.
  • Get creative design ideas and learn how to embed your brand into multiple printed designs.
  • Professional webinars teaching you how to create new cocktails, produce better foam, pair drinks with food items, and more.
  • Our community offers success stories and tips, allowing you to connect with other businesses and learn from their experience.

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