Ripples and the Royal Wedding

May 21, 2018

Ripples is a great way to have a unique, personal, and customized connection with each and every customer.
But at its heart it’s a content platform, which also let’s you garner worldwide attention when you can create stunning visuals for a notable day.

Heidi Bakery, in partnership with Lavazza, did just that, serving the “Megharryccino,” along with miniature lemon and elderflower wedding cakes, in their cafe and along the processional route for this past Saturday’s royal wedding.

They not only accumulated a huge amount of press worldwide for their cheeky, delicious, visual celebration of the happy couple, but the pictures from their activation (with Heidi’s logo front and center), were also used in stories about the day completely unrelated to coffee.

Hard Rock Cafe in London got in on the fun as well, creating a specialty, 3-tiered tea service and four limited edition cocktails in honor of the weekend. And, thanks to their Ripple Maker, every post screamed ‘London’, ‘wedding’ and ‘Hard Rock’.

Of course, Ripples-enabled shops all over put their own spin on the day, bringing a taste of the fairy tale wedding to watchers worldwide. For, as one man told his wife (who thought her Ripples print was just too pretty to drink), “It’s the closest to a kiss from Harry you’re ever going to get.”

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