Ripples’ customizable drink designs make it easy to spark connections with your customers. You’ll have them in the palm of your hands! Actually, they’ll have your drink in the palms of their hands. But you get where we’re going with this…

  • Coffee Shops Coffee Shops Coffee Shops
    Coffee Shops

    Coffee Shops

    A delighted customer is a repeat customer. Use Ripples to turn their daily coffee into an experience worth looking forward to and worth sharing on social media.

  • Restaurants Restaurants Restaurants


    Customers can create designs while waiting to place an order, or you can surprise them with your own designs. Upsell new menu items, let them know about special promotions, or just say ‘hi’ and make their meal.

  • Bars Bars Bars


    No more passing notes down the bar! Ripples is great for creating fun interactions among customers – the kind that lead to ordering another round and better tips. You can also use Ripples to promote your own special offers, from Happy Hour to Taco Tuesday.

  • Food Services Food Services Food Services
    Food Services

    Food Services

    Ripples provide prime real estate to promote special offers and onsite events that generate a lively atmosphere. Whether among colleagues in the office over morning coffee, among throngs of passersby at your expo site, or with fellow fans at the concession stands to make your drink service the star of the half-time show.

  • Coffee Shops
  • Restaurants
  • Bars
  • Food Services

Our solutions

  • Easy to use – prints in 10 seconds!
  • No artificial colors or preservatives, and doesn’t affect taste
  • Simple web app lets customers co-create their experience
  • Great for user-generated brand exposure
  • Fully customizable designs
  • Creates real-time social media buzz
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Social media value

Small Cup, Big Data

Our bev-top media platform bridges analog drinks with digital data and generates customized reports that help you extract valuable business insights on how to make your bev-top marketing efforts more effective. You’ll discover:

*Industry benchmarks
*Geographic and seasonal trends
*Engaging content for social media

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