Express Kafeh

Mobile Espresso Catering

Express Kafeh specializes in providing specialty coffee at a variety of events, ranging from weddings and bar mitzvahs to trade shows and conferences across North America and in select European cities. Helmed by CEO and Founder Serge Butman, Express Kafeh’s emphasis on branding and customer engagement, with Ripples serving as their ultimate showstopper, leaves a lasting impression on clients and their guests. 

Serge knows the importance of showcasing branding opportunities to clients, and he leverages his background in special events and marketing to illustrate the value that Express Kafeh can offer. The incorporation of Ripple branding has had a tremendous impact on Express Kafeh’s success. Not only does it provide a competitive edge over competitors, but it also becomes a defining feature of their service. The reactions of clients’ customers speak volumes, as they enthusiastically take pictures and share the unique and fun images created by the Ripple Maker printer. It becomes a memorable experience that goes beyond corporate logos and fosters a sense of joy and engagement.

The Ripples branding technology has become a cornerstone of Express Kafeh’s business strategy. With an impressive 70% client return rate, the inclusion of Ripples prints in their coffee offerings is the cherry on top for a show stopping catering service that keeps customers coming back for more. Serge told us, “It’s a great piece to have and I believe not only because of our service and our coffee but the branding with the Ripples is what brings them back to us.”

Express Kafeh’s Ripples package has become so beloved that clients frequently inquire about its availability in different locations, which spurred Express Kafeh to expand their inventory to over thirty machines in the US and Canada. With their mobile capabilities, Express Kafeh can now bring the Ripples experience to clients anywhere, and frequently, back to the same locations again and again.

The Javits Center in Manhattan, the busiest convention center in the United States, has an exclusive contract with Express Kafeh, relies on their services and recognizes the value and popularity of the Ripples platform among businesses at trade shows. Erika Pagapong, Director of Sales and Marketing for Cultivated at the Javits Center, further underscores the impact of the Ripples machine on branding opportunities. She emphasizes the versatility of the machine, stating, “Whenever there is a need for something unique or a branding opportunity is huge, the Ripples machine is something that we always recommend.”