La Centrale Cafe

Attracting Millennials to this Italian hotspot

Industry: Bars & Restaurants 
Machines: Ripples AM
Location: Miami


La Centrale is Miami’s premier Italian food hall, transporting customers to Italy with experiential cooking classes, lively cocktail bars, gelato shops, and more than 14 restaurants. With such a broad offering, they were looking for a way to customize that value proposition across their wide audience, boosting loyalty from existing visitors as well as attracting new ones.



La Centrale’s staff has seen first hand how the Ripple Maker can enhance customer experience (not to mention increase tips for their waitstaff), so they make a point of regularly explaining how simple it is to download the app and create user-generated drink content, including personalized designs, messages, and selfies. This buy-in from staff has proven essential in maximizing ROI from their Ripple Maker, especially among Millennials who take full advantage of the customization abilities afforded by the app.

The ROI is by getting extra customers in, new customers in, and giving them a great customer experience...

Director of Operations, Ivan Haller


The Ripple Maker drives foot traffic and online social traffic which the operators of La Centrale have directly attributed to attracting new customers, driving sales, and boosting repeat business.  Director of Operations, Ivan Haller, says: “The customer reaction is generally ‘wow!’ because they don’t expect to get either their picture or a  greeting on the coffee so it really makes them smile. Especially the young crowd, the Millennials, they love to bring their friends somewhere that’s trendy and they can customize their pictures. I think definitely the ROI is by getting extra customers in, new customers in, and giving them a great customer experience. At the end of the day it’s all about the experience we give to our customers.”

From La Centrale Miami’s Instagram Feed

Italian inspired drink content keeps this Miami food hall delightfully on-brand!

About La Centrale

This three-story Italian food hall is spread out across 40,000 square feet and includes an all-day cafe with espresso bar, an Italian bakery, a fresh-pulled mozzarella bar, prepared meals, a gelato station, a cocktail and appetizer bar with a live performance stage and a dedicated kitchen event space for cooking classes, book signings, guest chef takeovers and wine tastings.

Established: 2018

With Ripples since: 2018

Fun fact: La Centrale is actually pronounced Chen-TRAH-leh

La Centrale Cafe

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