SKIMS pop-up café at Selfridges

Keeping Up With Ripples at the Launch of Kim Kardashian West’s Shapewear Line

No one understands the power of social media marketing quite like the Kardashians. Recently, Kim Kardashian West’s famous shapewear line, SKIMS, launched in the UK and became exclusively available at high-end department store chain Selfridges. As part of the festive virtual event, the Instagram leader chose to celebrate the brand using the Ripples Maker.

The event’s focal point was a meticulously branded SKIMS Café that offered a themed menu with options such as “Sienna Americano” and “Coco Espresso.” Each drink was named after one of the skin tones featured in the SKIMS collection, celebrating the brand’s diversity. Every takeaway cup was branded with the SKIMS logo, and the entrepreneur herself was excited to tell millions of followers that she is “so obsessed with the SKIMS Cafe” and shared images and stories. The innovative branding move created a Kardashian-worthy social storm and received impressive media coverage from OK!, ABC News, and others.

Kardashian West, who is responsible for the invention of the phrase “breaking the internet,” chose Ripples for the launch of her signature brand. Much like the SKIMS shapewear line, Ripples offers a solution that can fit any shape, form, and brand. This original branding technology was created with social media marketing in mind and received the ultimate stamp of approval from one of the world’s top influencers.