The Momentum by Porsche

Lattes beyond imagination move customers' hearts

The Momentum by Porsche is a high-end bistro that opened in 2014 in Tokyo, Japan. Porsche’s first official restaurant added the Ripple Maker to their luxury concept restaurant in the Spring of 2021. We spoke with Manager Shunsuke Yoshizuru.

Please tell us about “The Momentum by Porsche” restaurant.

Mr. Shunsuke Yoshizuru (hereinafter referred to as Yoshizuru): Porsche is a German company, and this restaurant is a formally licensed entity based here in Japan, the first Porsche restaurant in the world.

The interior of the restaurant is designed based on Porsche’s brand colors white and black, and features displays of Porsche memorabilia such as race photos, books, and helmets.

We even try to capture the Porsche brand concept of “tradition and innovation” with our menu. We offer innovative fusion cuisine featuring French and Italian style dishes that are created with seasonal, locally sourced Japanese ingredients.

Here you can experience the Porsche worldview with all five senses. We take pride in providing a unique space as a place where you can enjoy yourself. Each of the 156 pendant lights hung from the ceiling has a Porsche minicar embedded in it, and it is full of gimmicks that tickle the hearts of Porsche Lovers.

How did introducing Ripples enhance the guest experience at your restaurant? How does it create added value?

Yoshizuru: Before now, latte art was just an image of adding a little picture by hand, such as a heart symbol, but the Ripple Maker can print a surprisingly clear and detailed picture on a foam-topped drink with the touch of a button.

I’ve been in the restaurant business for many years, but the services that make customers happy are basically analog. It starts with “Welcome” and ends with “Thank you”. Oftentimes, the reason a group comes to a restaurant is only learned by our servers when the guests are already at the table. It’s wonderful that the Ripple Maker can be used to create a custom message in real-time

The other day I overheard “Congratulations” during a toast. I realized they were having a celebration, and I was very pleased that I was able to offer a drink with a “Congratulations” design to those guests.

Ripples is a very modern and groundbreaking machine that can bring even more joy to our customers with the power of digital. Social reach is an incredibly important part of business today, so if you offer someone that lends itself to social media posts, you can reach an entire new customer base – especially women and young people.

How do you use Ripples to support the luxury positioning of the Porsche brand?

Yoshizuru: Porsche is a high-class luxury foreign car brand with high-end design. Many people long for this lifestyle even if they aren’t Porsche owners themselves.  This café is an extraordinary little space. Our guests can enjoy a latte printed with the Porsche emblem, while looking at a real Porsche – it creates a special experience and feeling that you can’t have anywhere else.

In addition, we also cooperate with the showroom, and we may serve a meal to a customer before the delivery of their brand new Porsche or provide logoed latte while someone waits for their vehicle to be serviced. I would like Porsche owners to use this place as a place of relaxation, so the added value of Ripple Maker is infinite. Recently, the president of Porsche Japan came by, and when I offered him a Ripples-topped drink as a surprise after a meal, he liked it very much. The next time he visited he brought his wife, so she could experience it as well.

How does this added value help you during the Covid-19 pandemic?

Yoshizuru: Every restaurant is struggling right now, and the focus is to simply survive until we get through the current crisis. Under these circumstances, the service and experience we offer is incredibly important, as that is what’s going to make people come eat here, tell their friends, and then come back again. The Ripple Maker is a key tool in these efforts.

We regularly host Porsche-themed events, and drinks topped with Ripples are an appealing addition for these festivities. People are impressed by the unexpected. Drinks topped with a beautiful design delights our customers and inspires them to share on social media. I think Ripples will be a great force for restaurants now and in the future.