Poupée French Bar & Restaurant

A feast for all 5 senses

Switch off your monkey mind and step into Poupée, the upscale French restaurant and bar located in central Tel Aviv where every square inch is intended to keep you immersed in the moment of a wondrous dining experience.

As you walk inside, a winding entrance with tilted walls simulates a time tunnel to disconnect you from the outside world. Making your way through the restaurant, each section boasts a different eye-catching design to evoke the thrill of anticipation. Everything from the decor, to the plating of the food feels decidedly magical.

Poupée, which is the French word for doll, is headed by celebrity mixologist Or Asulin. Known for his eclectic style, Asulin’s definition of mixology is expansive, and relates as much to the social mixing he likes to stir at the bar as to the unconventional ingredients he uses in his drinks.   

So it’s no surprise that he’s excited about the innovative and experience-enhancing capabilities which bev-top media technology brings to his craft.

People’s reaction when we serve them with a [print-topped] cocktail is ‘wow’. They’re frozen. They’re shocked.

Or Asulin, Head Mixologist, Poupée

The circular flow of the restaurant’s seating arrangement encourages eye contact with other diners, but both the personal interaction and drink sales get a definite boost from the conversation-starting designs printed atop the cocktails.

Poupee logo on cocktail

Headness, their best-selling cocktail, is a sumptuous mix of Hennessy marinated with thyme, Drambuie, apricot and mango puree, vanilla syrup, and tonka beans. Served branded with Poupée’s logo in malt extract, it boosts the restaurant’s organic social media presence and creates an army of influencers as customers snap photos with their phones, then tag and post them online.

And with the streamlined operational capabilities of the newly-released Ripple Maker II, Poupée can ensure that even on the busiest of nights, nobody has to wait long to enjoy a dressed-up drink.