Clalit Health Services

Vaccinations With a Healthy Dose of Creativity

Clalit Health Services Finds the X Factor with Ripples

Clalit Health Services is the largest state-mandated HMO in Israel. During the Covid-19 pandemic, the organization faced the critical task of leading the country’s vaccination efforts, which included inoculating millions of citizens in a matter of weeks.

Clalit quickly realized the importance of creating a positive experience for patients and encouraging them to share their decision to accept the vaccine with others on social media. The organization was looking to influence the public sentiment and leave a smile on people’s faces. Clalit also wanted to remind its audience of the brand behind all the hard work.

Clalit partnered with Ripples and used the Ripple Maker to print uplifting and empowering messages on coffee served at the vaccination centers. Printed lattes congratulated people on their decision and included phrases like “Back to life” and “My first coffee after the vaccine.” Ripples’ designs for Clalit featured the organization’s iconic visuals and logo to form the complete branded moment.

Inbar Zach, Clalit’s Marketing Communications Director, explained that “We chose Ripples because we were looking for the X factor, a way to create a more fun experience at the vaccination center. We wanted our patients to get something they weren’t expecting, and that they would want to share on social media.”

“We were looking for that X factor, a way to create a more fun experience […] that they would want to share on social media.”

Inbar Zach, MarComm Director

Patients visiting the center were thrilled with this creative initiative and made sure to include the printed lattes in their social media posts to generate more attention and acceptance. The campaign was particularly successful among younger audiences who are also more exposed to online influences when making health-related decisions.

According to Inbar, “The outcome has been great. Everyone is very excited to receive the printed coffee, and they’re constantly sharing the photos on social media.”

In a single month, Clalit was able to serve more than 50,000 branded lattes, which led to an impressive 25% increase in Instagram followers and thousands of images shared online.

This creative use of Ripples’ branding solution demonstrates its versatility and the ability to tackle every branding task in any category. No matter how serious or playful the topic, creativity is always the answer. Printed beverages offer a positive message to support any experience, including important moments like getting vaccinated.

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