Meet Maruyama Coffee


Bringing the World’s Best Coffee to Japan

Maruyama Coffee offers the world’s best coffee to their customers in Japan, and we had the great honor to sit down with the president, Mr. Kentaro Maruyama.

Mr. Maruyama travels the world meeting coffee suppliers, buying the high quality coffee beans his brand is known for, and this dedication extends to the experience he offers in his coffee shop.

Using Ripples to Commemorate Beethoven’s 250th Birthday

Marayuma Coffee rebranded as “Beethoven’s Café” this past November, and was looking for a unique way to promote their special Beethoven coffee blend. “The staff found Ripples and recommended it to me for this campaign,” Mr. Maruyama informed us. “I was very excited to learn about this technology and use it to add value to our drinks.”

Seeing the Impact

The above image image spread on social media and got local attention, creating buzz before the start of the campaign. The impact was even more impressive once people visited the coffee shop.

Mr. Maruyama told us that the number of visitors to their flag ship store for the campaign has increased thanks to Ripples. “People tell us, ‘I wanted to come here because the Ripples are so cute’ and ‘The design is beautiful’ and ‘I’ve never seen anything like this before!’

“With such a good foundation and the ability to bring all of our ideas to life in the art – the extra service stands out.”

-Mr. Kentaro Maruyama, President

Building on a Culture of Creativity and Established Quality

“I feel that Ripples is a very effective way to help us express our playfulness and creativity – but we’re building that on the foundation of the quality of our coffee. Ripples is an extension of latte art. However, when latte art first became popular in Japan, everyone focused on the appearance, rather than on the taste of the coffee. But now the coffee in Japan has improved dramatically, and with tools like the Ripple Maker the level of latte art has also improved. With such a good foundation and the ability to bring all of our ideas to life in the art – the extra service stands out.

Looking ahead

Mr. Maruyama and his team are already brainstorming new ideas to bring the company philosophy to life with Ripples.

“Why not print the face of a coffee bean producer? The message is that these coffee beans were made by Mr. Fernandez of Brazil. I love the idea that you can drink a coffee while imagining where and who they came from… or a QR code with more information… Very interesting. Maybe sometime soon…”