The World’s First Gap Café

The Gap Concept store and café bring the brand’s California roots to life

Reenvisioned and reopened in June 2020, Gap’s first concept store features an exhibition about the brand’s history and culture, a café where customers can hang out, and a “customization corner” where customers can personalize anything bought in-store with patches, prints, or embroidery.

These elements work seamlessly together to create a holistic, personalized, and branded experience for each customer, while showcasing the culture and music of 1969 San Francisco alongside the Gap’s iconic denim apparel – and branded drinks.

“The customization corner process takes about ten or 15 minutes; customers can relax at the café while they wait. Wi-Fi and outlets are available too, so many people have started coming just for the café. It’s a cozy space that has completely taken off, expanding the Gap brand experience,” said Ms. Ueno, the store manager.

At the Gap Cafe, customers can choose from a number of food and drink options, including Gap Original Blend coffee, the Bevicino, and Krispy Kreme donuts. But hot or iced lattes topped off with branded Ripples prints are by far the most popular menu item – and a breeze for the staff to create. “Ripples can create cute and beautiful latte art with the push of a button. We are grateful for the ease of Ripples.”

There are eight designs to choose from, including the storefront of the very first Gap store in San Francisco and Gap Japan’s signature mascot Brannon Bear – the number one choice.

“Ripples has proven to be a great attraction. Young women come and post the pictures to social media, and we’re getting more and more young people visiting the café. …  It helps us sell clothes, the store and café sell concurrently.”

Ms. Ueno, Store Manager

Ripples enhances Gap Tokyo to make shopping an experience for their visitors.

“I think that most people shop online today, but there are many things that can only be experienced at physical stores.”

Ms. Ueno is already making plans with her team to enhance that experience even further, and to use Ripples for targeted messaging to café customers to connect them to the Gap brand story or send them to apparel. Staff ideas include printing QR codes for videos – inviting customers to see the latest collections or Gap’s sustainability efforts.

We’re excited to see Gap bring these ideas to life.