Café Lorees: Branding To-go

Café Lorees’ Coffee Truck Creates Lasting Moments With Bev-Top Media

The Louis Promenade in the northern Israeli city of Haifa has always been a must-visit for its unique view and vibe. In 2020, amid the global COVID-19 pandemic, local authorities encouraged businesses to open food trucks to help them and their customers stay safe. 

The Café Lorees coffee truck opened this fall became an instant attraction thanks in large part to its creative use of bev-top media. The coffee truck uses the Ripple Maker to print uplifting and often customized content, serving selfies branded with their logo.

These social media shares created that coveted word-of-mouth marketing that every business craves, and the personalized messages create a special touch that strengthens bonds with customers.

“Most people that come here saw us on Instagram – they saw the photos because people tagged us. It’s also helped us build a very strong community on Instagram. We’ve gotten more than 7000 organic followers in just two months.”

Lorees Eid, Owner

Café Lorees managed to quickly brand and differentiate itself, keeping business going during challenging times. The café uses the Ripple Maker to print customers’ names, offer supportive messages, celebrate the city of Haifa, comment on recent news, and more.

Customers are interested to learn more about the printing process and are delighted to hear that the prints are created using only natural ingredients. “We explain how it works, and people love the fact that it’s made with real coffee extract.”

Gabriel, a regular customer, told us about the heartwarming feeling of receiving a personalized printed latte: “Seeing my name printed like that on coffee is just incredible.”

Businesses offering a to-go consumption experience must find creative ways to extend their brand and create a lasting branded moment. Bev-top media gives them a seamless solution that works perfectly with F&B businesses’ offerings. The coffee may be to-go, but the connection to the brand is here to stay.

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