The Ibis Sarajevo Hotel

Setting the mood for guests with heartwarming messages on hot beverages

The Ibis Sarajevo hotel in Bosnia, which is part of the large international group AccorHotels, offers guests unique coffee experiences in many ways. The hotel has two hot coffee spots (see what we did there?), one at the Chill Cafe on the ground floor, which is popular among guests and outside visitors, and the other at the Igman Bar on the 15th floor, which opened in 2019 and has a panoramic view of the city.

The hotel’s beautiful interior design and attention to detail make it a popular spot for vacations and photoshoots for both locals and tourists.

The connection between great coffee and perfect hospitality wasn’t lost on hotel managers, who decided to add a touch of creativity and care using the Ripple Maker. Ibis Sarajevo guests find inspiring, motivating, and positive messages printed on their lattes every morning. The hotel’s Marketing team posts lovely images of printed lattes on social media to boost engagement and bookings.

If a specific guest looks as though they could use a little cheering up, hotel baristas make sure to match the message to the situation and choose an optimistic visual or text. The Ripple Maker also helps break the ice during networking meetings held at the hotel and create an instant shared experience that brings people closer. As the staff so eloquently put it, “We’ve created a few great stories together with Ripples.”

“We’ve created a few great stories together with Ripples”

Aida Sinanović