This French frozen yogurt and coffee shop franchise makes their mark with Ripples

When we met Justine and Nicolas Cascales, the French couple behind the Yaoz Frozen Yogurt & Coffee Shop franchise, we immediately knew they were kindred spirits and a perfect match for Ripples – innovative, entrepreneurial, and incredibly creative.

A Complete Match
After trying frozen yogurt abroad the couple developed their own natural recipe and brought the concept to France. Then after seeing Ripples on Instagram they knew it’d be the perfect addition to their franchise. Justine told us “I found the concept to be incredible – and inviting customers to personalize their own drinks is a complete match to the “do it yourself” concept Yaoz already implemented with its frozen yogurt toppings. I knew I had to offer this.”

Yaoz reinvents latte art

Consistency + Customization
Yaoz is about to open its 15th franchise location, with plans to have 50 by 2025. Ripples is an integral part of the concept, and allows Yaoz to offer a consistent experience across the entire chain, while still easily localizing the experience for each new city – with designs honoring local landmarks and sports teams.

A Sense of Intrigue
At all Yaoz locations, in-store signage serves as an impressive introduction to the Ripples concept, which Yaoz calls “Pimp Your Coffee”, with outdoor signs at the entrance showcasing personalized coffees and QR codes at the counter level allowing customers to choose their drink designs. But how it works is a secret – the Ripple Maker is kept in a “mystery box” adding a sense of intrigue. “Customers are amazed, they are very surprised when it is their first time and are also very curious to know how it is done, and they always come back to try more intricate designs.”

Always on Trend
On social media, in addition to beautiful, Instagrammable pictures and videos, Ripples helps Yaoz stay a part of the conversation for trending topics in the news and global events. “It’s great because Ripples really makes everything available to us so we always have up-to-date content.”

We’re so excited to continue to be a part of Justine and Nicolas’s journey. Nicolas told us, “Yaoz is expanding all over France and it won’t happen without Ripples.”