The Yeatman

Curating a luxury experience

The Yeatman is an opulent wine hotel and spa in Porto, Portugal. They’ve been using the Ripple Maker daily since 2019 to delight every guest that orders a foam-topped drink, all with custom Ripples prints designed to enhance and highlight the experience at this luxury property in this gorgeous location. We were honored to sit down with Joana Mendes, who manages the Food and Beverage team, for this interview.

Tell us about The Yeatman 
The Yeatmans were among the most distinguished and enterprising of the Port families. Their descendants maintain this tradition as owners of three of the most famous Port companies. In 2006 the family had an opportunity to establish a luxury hotel in this stunning location overlooking the historic city centre of was established in 2006 to create a remarkable landmark overlooking the historic center of Oporto. Drawing on the family’s expertise in fine wine production and luxury hotel management, The Yeatman has become one of the world’s leading wine hotels. Since its opening in August 2010, it has become the preferred destination in Porto, truly defining the essence of the city.

Why did you purchase a Ripple Maker? What value did you expect from the drinks printer?
We anticipated that the Ripple Maker would add a distinctive touch to the drinks we serve, leaving a lasting impression on our clients. Since we started using it four years ago, it has been a resounding success among our guests, generating a great reaction and becoming an integral part of their experience at the hotel.

Where and how is the Ripple Maker used on the property?
The Ripple Maker is used in various areas of the hotel. We print on all drinks with foam-topped at the Breakfast Room and Dick’s Bar. Additionally, we are expanding its use to the cafeteria and planning to introduce specially curated foam-topped cocktails with chosen prints in our new menu.

What kind of designs do you create and share with your guests?
Our marketing team is responsible for creating and developing all the images we serve. We make sure to design Ripples that align with special events or noteworthy days, adding a thematic touch or commemorating specific dates.

What has been your Food and Beverage team’s reaction to the Ripple Maker? What do they think about using it?
Our team finds the Ripple Maker extremely user-friendly, as it operates with just one tap and prints in seconds. It doesn’t hinder our operational flow in any way. The best part is the incredible response the team gets from our guests when they surprise them with a printed drink.

How do the guests react?
The guests are always surprised and delighted by the prints on their beverages. They love the experience so much that they often take numerous pictures and even order second drinks to enjoy different prints. The most significant impact is providing our customers with a differentiated experience, going beyond their expectations of a simple cappuccino.