The Guinness "Stoutie"

Yes, you can print a selfie on a pint of Guinness

There are a select few things in this life that it’s hard to imagine can’t be improved, and a crisp, cold, perfectly poured pint of Guinness is one of them. With over 260 years of experience brewing one of the world’s most famous beers, Guinness hasn’t left much room to make their refreshing offerings even better. And yet. Despite its traditional roots, Guinness (and parent company Diageo) are decidedly innovative in their branded marketing efforts. The global beer brewer understands the value in delivering personalized brand interactions for a younger generation of  beer consumers who expect a different kind of drink experience.

The Stoutie is essentially a selfie printed on the silky foam of a Guinness pint. Following a successful local campaign by Ripples on St Patrick’s Day 2018, where Guinness saw a 20% increase in first-time drinkers who ordered the beer  ‘just to see their face on a pint’, Diageo was quick to recognize the  potential and ramped up their efforts accordingly. They launched the Stoutie on International Stout Day at the Guinness Storehouse in Dublin, where visitors were treated to professionally snapped selfies created with a custom branded Guinness foam printer.

“It has the ability to make people feel special… People wanna start their toast with it, their night with it … it plays into that premium experience…We’re scaling it out as quickly as we can.”

– Diageo CMO Jay Sethi

Over 50,000 Stouties have been printed to date. Viral Stoutie posts (your face printed on a Guinness!) have been shared millions of times by delighted Guinness beer drinkers. And Guinness has introduced the Stoutie across additional global locations including the Guinness Gatehouse launched in Shangai in December 2019.