Meet Café Georgetown

Café Georgetown combines unique design with customized coffee

Cafe Georgetown, open for just two years, has already gained a reputation for eye-catching, Instagrammable beverages. Everything is made with the highest quality, all-natural ingredients creating truly inventive works of art – their Day Dream blue latte gets its eye-catching hue from butterfly pea flower powder.

The design mastery extends well past the drinks. This intimate café exudes a modern Mediterranean vibe, designed tastefully and featuring elegant deep blues reminiscent of a European coffee shop.

This past Spring, Café Georgetown’s owner Emel saw a viral social media post featuring the Ripple Maker at Carrera Café in Melrose Place. She knew it was just the thing to take her café to the next level, and planned a trip out west to see it in action.

“After witnessing the impact of the Ripple Maker at Carrera Café, I flew home and ordered one. I love how fast and how small that the Ripple Maker is and it fits in perfectly with our cozy café here in Georgetown.”

Emel Bayrak, Owner

Cafe Georgetown’s social media presence is equally gorgeous and intentional as their hand-crafted lattes, and their following grows daily.

They enjoy printing Ripples premium content and occasionally use the Ripples web app to give their guests the chance to customize their own drinks.

Check out this beautiful location!