Ripples + Guinness = Stoutie (A Selfie on a Beer!)

November 21, 2018

Today’s stream of digital communication is increasingly crowded, so Guinness and Ripples have partnered up to move the brand-consumer conversation to an engaging new platform that cuts through the noise — beverage tops.

With bev-top media, pints of Guinness become an innovative canvas for delighting customers with personalized messages and images.
Case in point:  the Stoutie, a selfie printed on a Guinness pint with a special Guinness beer printer.

Guinness beer foam provides an exceptionally smooth canvas for printing Ripples’ high-resolution images and these fun Stouties and other Guinness prints gives fans yet another great reason to love their classic beer.

The Stoutie was launched on International Stout Day at the Guinness Storehouse in Dublin, where visitors were treated to professionally snapped selfies on their beer prints.

“I thought it was really cool. It’s just like a computer printer to watch it work. It’s really neat to go to a pub and get your picture on a beer!”

Whether on top of a beer, coffee, cocktail or any foam-based drink, customers place a drink order and send their image files, or choose from Ripples’ trending design collections. From there, the bartender or barista prepares the drink as usual, places it on the Ripple Maker machine, and prints instantly!

Ripples beer prints are made from 100% natural malt extracts without any artificial colors or preservatives.
They’re also completely flavorless, adding nothing but delight to the perfect taste of a Guinness pint.

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