Yes, Beer Printers Are a Thing

You may have seen it on a friend’s Instagram, or on a subreddit for beer lovers. Pints of beer with fun, personalized messages and designs printed right on the foam.

Guinness SToutie Woman Mobile Phone

If you happened to be at the Hoegaarden Sur-Pint Roadshow in Asia, you would have gotten a beer featuring local street art. Or at the flagship Guinness Storehouse in Dublin, they’ll serve you a beer that features your own face! Guinness even has a name for it – the ‘Stoutie’ – a pint of stout draft beer with a selfie printed on top.

“It has the ability to make people feel special… People wanna start their toast with it, their night with it … it plays into that premium experience…We’re scaling it out as quickly as we can.”

– Diageo CMO Jay Sethi

Printing on Beer with Bev-Top Media

Ripples is a bev-top media platform with full-scale content and marketing capabilities.

What does Ripples bev-top media platform include?

  • A dynamic content feed, updated with new and trending designs
  • Real-time customization to create personalized content on-the-fly and at scale!
  • Ripples Cloud to store and manage drink designs and create promotional content
  • Ripples Web App for end-users to co-create and submit their own design files
  • High-resolution printing technology 
  • Optimization tools to track and analyze bev-top campaigns
  • Ripples BI for providing big-data insights into geo- and industry-based content trends

Creating visually innovative drink experiences lets you cut through the noise and engage your audience at points of service – and beyond – as more and more beer consumers learn about brands through organic social media. Millennials and Gen Zs are especially likely to take photos of their food or drink and share it online, boosting your brand’s digital reach.

Ripples printing pods

Natural Drink Ink – Nothing But Delight

It’s not just content that distinguishes Ripples’ product offering. When it comes to ‘drink ink’, our patented Ripples Pods are the only ones on the market that are formulated with  no artificial colors or preservatives.

Our coffee, malt, carrot, and all new riboflavin-based print pods get their color from actual premium extracts, not fake food coloring. Importantly, all our formulas are completely flavorless so they won’t affect the taste of your drinks.

Ready for Ripples?

Hip Hop series printed on drink