5 Ripples Resources to Optimize Your Marketing Efforts

January 14, 2019

Inviting customers to co-create their Ripples experience is a key step in getting the most bang from every beverage you serve. We’ve put together this quick-start guide of Ripples resources to help optimize your efforts. Whether you’re new here or a seasoned Ripples pro, we encourage you to dig through these tools and tips to up your Ripples game.

New Ripples Cloud

Managing your Ripples content channels is both flexible and precise with the new Ripples Cloud. You now have full control of the Ripples designs that appear in the on-screen menus of your Ripple Maker machines, including independently setting their location and duration. For example, set your channels to show off a shortlist of local customer favorites at a specific location, or tailor your Ripples around the clock with morning motifs in the AM, afternoon pick-me-ups, and flirty one-liners for your PM crowd. The same flexibility extends to managing the content that appears in your customer-facing Ripples app.

Ripples App

The Ripples app offers your customers the most engaging Ripples user experience, where they can easily scan through the selection of content available on your channels and choose their favorites. Alternatively, customers can design their own Ripples and submit photos or design files directly from their smartphones.
Sharing your Ripples menu with customers means losing some of the surprise factor, but it opens up a whole candy store of choices that will maximize delight by allowing them to co-create the drinking experience.

Ripples Assistant Chatbot

We get that not everyone is going to want to download the Drink Ripples app, so the Ripples Assistant Chatbot offers a less committal alternative. While it doesn’t give customers access to your full menu of Ripples designs, it does allow them to submit their own. You can print the Facebook bot (it’s a QR code) and place it in various on-premise locations to encourage guests to send Ripples to the nearest Ripple Maker and order a drink.

Printable In-Store Menu

Draw your guests’ attention to the fact that your location has a Ripple Maker by downloading and customizing a printable menu that showcases in-store promotions, local events, or your favorite Ripples. Depending on your type of business, you can:

  • Include a Ripples ‘specials’ menu to insert alongside your standard food and drinks menu
  • Display it prominently in a storefront window
  • Place it front and center near your bar’s cash register

Ripples on Social Media

Written by one of our resident Ripples experts, this blog post is chock full of examples from real customers to show you how to dramatically expand your reach with Ripples on social media. For example, see how Johnny Rockets used Ripples contests to generate 100x the average engagement on their Instagram feed!  

Marketing Playbooks in the Ripples Help Center

Did we lose you at hello? If the Ripples eco-system isn’t clear to you or you’re not sure where to begin, visit the Ripples Help Center for our full list of training and support documents, including these marketing playbooks. They offer useful information on how to set up local promotions, links to some of our top customers’ Instagram accounts for inspiration, and connectivity between all your Ripples devices. We’ve created two separate versions, one for hospitality and another for Cafes, Restaurants & Bars.

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