Ripples offers a range of customized solutions for event managers. From the most publicized high-profile events,  to weddings—and everything in between—we’ll make sure your event shines!

  • VIP Events VIP Events VIP Events
    VIP Events

    VIP Events

    Movie premiers, galas, award ceremonies—no matter who’s on the list Ripples makes your customized drink content the star of the show!

  • Corporate Events Corporate Events Corporate Events
    Corporate Events

    Corporate Events

    Create a lively atmosphere at your next corporate event, simply by inviting your staff for a drink. With Ripples bev-top media the whole company will be buzzing the next day. You’ll never want to host another company event without it!

  • Catering Catering Catering


    Want to make sure your clients feel extra special? Use Ripples to print customized bev-top media on drinks for their big event. You can even let guests snap and send selfies to instantly print on any foam-topped drink—making sure everyone in the audience will be talking about it and sharing on social media. Hello new referrals!

  • VIP Events
  • Corporate Events
  • Catering

The next level in branded event design

Customized solutions for agencies and event producers

  • Easy to use – prints in 10 seconds!
  • No artificial colors or preservatives, and doesn’t affect taste
  • Fully customizable web app so you can control the look of every event
  • Generates real-time social media buzz for your event
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Social media value

Small Cup, Big Data

Our bev-top media platform bridges analog drinks with digital data and generates customized reports that help you extract valuable business insights on how to make your bev-top marketing efforts more effective. You’ll discover:

*Industry benchmarks
*Geographic and seasonal trends
*Engaging content for social media

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