We were featured on Bar Rescue!

June 9, 2019

If you’re not familiar, Bar Rescue is niche reality television at its finest.

Now in its sixth season, the show stars industry legend Jon Taffer as he helps revitalize failing bars and restaurants across the United States with his characteristic ‘tough love’ attitude and an entourage of professional food and beverage consultants.

Titled ‘Driving Miss Tara’, episode 37 of season 6 aired on June 2,  and showcases Tara Cook of Tampa’s Das Brauhaus as she struggles to keep the family business afloat after her husband walks out unexpectedly.

Spoiler alert: With the help of Bar Rescue and the Ripple Maker, Tara was able to turn the business around and triple her sales! Taffer himself  referred to Ripples as “the most innovative promotional system in the world.” Respect.

Below, mixologist Mia Mastroianni (aka, Tall Mia) shares her enthusiasm for Ripples in some backstage footage from Bar Rescue.  We love you too, Mia!

mixologist Mia Mastroianni (aka, Tall Mia)

Here’s what Mia had to say:

“From a technology standpoint, the Ripple Maker is going to change the hospitality industry. It is not geared toward just one specific beverage. It covers the gamut. You can do the AM version with lattes and cappuccinos and print on morning beverages. You can print on frozen cocktails. You can print on cocktails with egg whites and aquafaba. You can do beers. This is a game changer. This is next level garnishing. We are done with lime wheels and wedges. We are done with lemons. We’ve done it all, this is the future. This is technology. This is a game changer for the cocktail industry.”

Check out the full episode on the Paramount Network!*

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