7 must-serve foamy summer cocktails for 2019

June 18, 2019

Ah, summer and the sweet certainties it brings. That Daddy Yankee will take on everyone for song of the year, that everyone’s dad will embarrass them by wearing Bermuda shorts, and that hordes of thirsty fun-seekers will flock to your bar or pub to try the hottest – well, the coolest – foamy summer cocktails of 2019.

With this list of must-serve bevvies – including a great vegan option – we’ve focused on one of the beverage trends 2019 that’s sweeping hot and cool drinks alike: foam, that smooth and silky drink topper that provides the perfect finishing touch to your drinks.

Not only does foam bring a textural dimension to your drinks that turns a cocktail into a full-on experience, but for innovative bar owners, what was once an empty white space is now providing the perfect canvas for logos, messages and other works of art that boost engagement and excitement (not to mention shares on social).
Bev-top media solutions like the Ripple Maker are allowing bars and pubs to print high-quality images and photos on foam-topped drinks* in just over 10 seconds.
What could the millennials of 2019 want more than a foamy cocktail topped with a cute selfie they snapped and submitted over the Ripples app?

We rest our case for these seven must-serve foamy summer cocktails.

Must-serve summer drink #1: Espresso Martini

On the surface, the Espresso Martini may not seem like it makes much sense.
Coffee and vodka? Sounds a bit like a bad morning you had back in college. However! Pair a good quality espresso shot with a smooth vodka, a hit of creamy liqueur, and a frothy foam topping and you’ve got a sumptuous cocktail that will impress your sophisticated customers and have your wild ones dancing into the wee hours.

How to make it: Pour 50 mL of vodka, 35 mL of coffee liqueur and a 25 mL espresso shot into a cocktail shaker. Fill with ice and shake shake shake until the ice smashes up inside to help create the foam. Pour through a sieve into a chilled martini glass.

Who’s drinking it: The Espresso Martini is a drink for the 9-to-5ers and weekend warriors that love to have a good time but don’t necessarily have the energy to go as hard as they used to after a long day of meetings and spreadsheets.

Bacardi foam topped cocktail

Image Credit: Ripples

Must-serve summer drink #2: Margarita Ensenada

Don’t skip this section in search of a drink you’ve never heard of before. Classics are classics for a reason, and the Margarita Ensenada is a classic with a twist that will have customers enraptured. This take on the margarita honors the original by using a famous Mexican triple sec that was reportedly used in the first ever margarita, and kicks it up with a sea salt foam that puts it over the top.

How to make it: Shake 60 mL of tequila, 30 mL of Controy triple sec, 30 mL of lemon juice and 30 mL of simple syrup with ice. Strain into glass. Mix ¾ cup water, ½ teaspoon of sugar and ½ teaspoon of sea salt with a hand blender to make foam and scoop on top of drink with slotted spoon.

Who’s drinking it: This is a drink for the sophisticated set who know what they like but are open to having their mind blown by something just a little bit different. The perfect pairing with after-work quesadillas or late night nachos.

Margarita Ensenada

Image Credit: AMEX

Must-serve summer drink #3: Aperol Spritz Shakerato

The ultra-refreshing Aperol Spritz was perhaps the cocktail of the year in 2018 and you’re going to want to keep that momentum going by shaking up this Italian classic – literally. Shakerato means shaken, so this is an Aperol Spritz that your best bartenders will be wildly shaking until the ice creates that delectable foam that gives customers a little something extra on a drink they already love.

How to make it: Combine 90 ml of Aperol, 60 ml Prosecco, 30 ml of club soda and plenty of ice in a cocktail shaker. Shake vigorously and pour into a tall wine glass, topping with the naturally occurring foam.

Who’s drinking it: Thanks to a New York Times trend piece labeling the Aperol Spritz Not a Good Drink, this isn’t one you’re going to be serving up to your alcohol snobs. Everyone else though? Yeah, they love this bright and refreshing cocktail, and they’ll love it even more topped with foam. The Aperol Spritz is reaching the level of a pint of beer or glass of slightly sweet white wine – the perfect sipper for a patio.

Aperol Spritz Shakerato

Image Credit: Walksofitaly

Must-serve summer drink #4: Aperol Frose

What do you get when you combine the most popular drink of summer 2017 and the most popular drink of summer 2018 with a fun egg white foam? One of the best summer cocktails of 2019: the Aperol Frose with foam, of course. A thick and supremely refreshing drink you might want to scoff at but will have to admit you love.

How to make it: Infuse two cups of Aperol with fresh strawberries for at least 12 hours, up to 72, then strain Aperol and discard berries. Combine one bottle of chilled rose with 500 g of fresh strawberries, the juice of two oranges, the juice of two limes, and two tablespoons of granulated sugar in a blender and blend until smooth. Churn in ice cream maker 30-40 minutes until slushy. Pour into champagne coupes and top with an egg white foam.

Who’s drinking it: This is largely a drink for the ladies, especially ones who are confident enough to order what they want without a second thought. It was also a big hit with Coachella 2019 crowd!

Aperol Frose foamy cocktail

Image Credit: The Daily Meal

Must-serve summer drink #5: Maple Bacon Old Fashioned

The bacon craze is a few years past, but the thing with bacon is that it’s delicious, and the desire for bacon will never truly wane. This cocktail combines three classic elements that it’s going to be hard to turn down once it’s spotted on a menu.

How to make it: Fry up 450 g of applewood smoked bacon until fat is fully rendered. Scoop bacon pieces from pan and save for another use. Mix fat with one 750 ml bottle of bourbon and refrigerate until fat solidifies and can be scooped from the top. Strain bourbon through three layers of coffee filters, replacing filters as needed. Mix 60 ml of bacon infused bourbon, 15 ml of maple syrup, a dash of orange bitters, a dash of aromatic bitters and ice in a cocktail mixing glass, mixing until well stirred. Top with egg white foam.

Who’s drinking it: With the bourbon and bacon, you guessed it, this is a drink for the men in your establishment that are all too happy to glance past the beer offerings – and that’s a heck of a lot of men these days. If you spot a fashionable man in a surprising print or trendy bowling shirt, start mixing this up before he even orders.

Maple Bacon Old Fashioned

Image Credit: Southernkitchen

Must-serve summer drink #6: Gin Mimosa

Every list of the best summer cocktails 2019 requires a good brunch gin. Have your rise and dine set sipping on something a little different that takes a classic and pairs it with everyone’s current favorite spirit – gin.

How to make it: Combine 45 ml gin, 60 oz prosecco, 25 ml fresh squeezed orange juice, one teaspoon of fresh squeezed lime and 1 teaspoon simple syrup with ice in a cocktail shaker and shake vigorously until that ice foam forms when poured.

Who’s drinking it: You know your brunchers. Everyone from the up and at ‘em runners to the hair of the dog hangover set will be looking for a little something to go with their huevos rancheros and hash browns, and this fun play on a favorite will be it.

Gin Mimosa foamy cocktail

Image Credit: Luxury Lifestyle Mag

Must-serve summer drink #7: Truffle Pig mushroom cocktail

This may read as weird to some, but chances are if you’ve got bartenders and mixologists who are seriously into their art, you’ve already been hearing about (or even imbibing) mushroom cocktails. Loosen the reins and let them go all in with this fungi.

How to make it: Bring ½ cup honey and ½ cup water to a boil with a cinnamon stick and sprig or two of rosemary. Let honey syrup cool then strain. Brown a handful of maitake or hen of the woods mushrooms in a dry skillet and allow to cool. Muddle mushrooms with 30 ml of honey syrup and 30 ml of lemon juice then add 60 ml tequila and ice. Top with an egg white foam with a hint of granulated sugar and cinnamon to keep it soft and smooth.

Who’s drinking it: Ten years ago you might have shied away from a drink that’s largely going to appeal to gourmands, but with the way millennials and Gen Zers are embracing new experiences and unexpected flavor profiles, this is one of those surprising summer cocktails that’s bound to become a hit with a younger clientele.

Truffle Pig mushroom

Image Credit: Saveur

Bonus trend for 2019: the vegan option

A few of the foam cocktails listed above use the tried and true egg white foam to give them their silky toppers. That’s all fine and good, but if you’ve got vegan customers you want to include in these must-have summer drinks, look into aquafaba, a chickpea brine. (Not so relevant for the Maple Bacon Old-fashioned, of course).

Either use the leftover liquid from a can of chickpeas, or slowly cook dried chickpeas and use the resulting water. Whisk it up until it’s light and foamy, either on its own or with a bit of granulated sugar for sweetness and added stabilization.

With that, you should have everything you need to rock the 2019 summer cocktail rush. Happy shaking!

*Foam for use with the Ripple Maker has not been tested on all drink types listed above; egg white, espresso, and aquafaba foams all provide a stable base for printing.

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