Customer Showcase: La Centrale Miami

September 5, 2018

La Centrale uses Ripples to attract new customers – especially Millennials– inspire customer loyalty, and increase social buzz.

La Centrale is Miami’s premier Italian food hall, transporting customers to Italy with experiential cooking classes, lively cocktail bars, gelato shops, and more than 14 restaurants.

Ripples has been with La Centrale since its opening in January 2018, at the Sicilian-inspired Caffé, allowing the team to extend their Italian theme right to the messages on their drinks. Their customers also get the chance to customize their own lattes with unique pictures and messages, which inspires them to post pictures on Instagram and to come back so they can introduce the Ripples experience to their friends.

Director of Operations Ivan Haller says it best: “At the end of day it’s all about the experience that we give to our customers.”

Watch the video to see how La Centrale uses Ripples to wow their customers every day.

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