Guinness Korea puts customers at the center of its creative campaigns

Guinness is one of the world’s leading beer brands, specializing in Irish stout beer and active in more than 120 countries, including Korea. After the Covid-19 pandemic dramatically changed our routine, the brand was looking to remind customers of the special experience of visiting a bar instead of enjoying a drink at home. The brand’s representatives in Korea wanted to dedicate a creative campaign to their customers in order to boost engagement, demonstrate the brand’s creative approach, and give their audience the stage.

Guinness Korea’s collaboration with Ripples produced two different campaigns that were distributed in around 100 bars across the country. Each campaign focused on a different period, and both campaigns invited customers to scan a QR code printed on POS collateral displayed at local bars. Upon scanning, customers were directed to Ripple’s web app, where unique designs were combined with their selfies to form a personalized beverage print.

The City Campaign

The first campaign offered customers a way to travel the world when Covid-19 restrictions made global tourism impossible. Guests imagined themselves  at their favorite international hotspots —  a chance to feel the adventurous side of travel while staying safe at the local bar.


The second campaign was launched around Halloween, a celebration of lighthearted creativity that gives people the chance to be anyone and anything in the world. Customers who scanned the QR code were met with spooky, fun designs that turned them into Count Dracula, monsters, and other creatures associated with the holiday. Customers’ selfies were perfectly positioned in the design, which was then printed on the company’s beer served at the bar.

Customers were excited to discover the special surprises prepared for them by Guinness. They enjoyed sharing images on social media and invited friends to join them for a drink at the bar. 

Ripples empowers brands to bring any media campaign vision to life. Our winning combination of unique technology and creative experts enables brands to send any message, and cater to any audience and business need. In addition to new designs created by our Creative Studio and released on a monthly basis, brands can include stunning, original creative content that’s tailored to their messaging, customers, and goals. The high level of customization offered by Ripples’ Web App allows both brands and customers to conceptualize and execute an endless variety of creative assets that engage and inspire customers. If you can imagine it – you can print it.  

Both campaigns showed that innovation and creativity manage to overcome any obstacle and delight customers and businesses during challenging times. When reality may be restrictive, our imagination can break boundaries, and technology enables brands to form a positive experience for customers exactly when they need it.