Red Alert: Ripples Carrot Pods Now Available

December 1, 2019

There’s a new baby in the Ripples family and this one likes to get all the attention. Meet the new Ripples 100% natural Carrot Pod! It’s compatible with all Ripple Makers and prints in vibrant shades of red on coffee, beer, and cocktails to make your bev-top creations stand out like nothing else.

Our original Coffee and Malt Pods both print in rich shades of brown, and while our customers love the fact that we’re committed to formulations with all-natural ingredients, we heard their call for a vivid color to print on different drink types. So after months and months of tinkering, our R&D team and chemistry lab successfully developed a fully natural black carrot extract to match colorful drinks served around the world.

What does the black carrot extract actually look like?

As you may have already seen on our Instagram or website, the Carrot Pods produce a variety of red shades – from magenta, to berry, to ruby, depending on beverage acidity levels. The results are always stunning and give any type of drink an instagrammable finishing touch for the perfect viral post.

Just like our other extracts, the black carrot extract is flavorless, so rest assured it won’t affect your drink quality or experience.

Who is it for?

It’s for everyone! We developed it especially to be printed on cocktails and milkshakes, but have already seen it take off in unexpected ways with big brands:

  • Hoegaarden beer used it to launch a new consumer campaign.
  • Nintendo used it to go viral with cocktails at their VIP store opening for media and influencers.

  • And several coffee brands are planning to use it in conjunction with matching Valentine’s Day messages.

Ripples Carrot Pods aren’t formulated for a specific drink, they’re more about the style, message, branding, or experience you want to get across with your bev-top media. 

Public unveiling of the extract took place at VivaTech in Paris (May 2019) with Chandon, one of LVMH’s sparkling wine brands. It was received with much fanfare, prompting additional rollouts, and Chandon will soon be launching their global personalized cocktail campaign using our Carrot Pods in eight different countries. See how it looks in action below.

What can you print with it?

Basically anything. Our team of in-house designers have created inspiring cocktail and milkshake themes, but if you feel like magenta-colored dog selfies are what fits your branding at this moment in time, we’re all for it.

Tech specs

The new Carrot Pods work with all Ripple Maker devices that are available in the market, software version 1.16 and above. They contain no major allergens such as gluten or nuts, are completely vegan, and certified Kosher.

Each Carrot Pod produces up to 1,000 prints.

Please contact for additional details.

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