Football fans in Qatar will receive live scores on their Budweiser beer

Football fans at the games in Qatar will receive live scores and game statistics printed on their Budweiser beer foam

This November, in locations across 3 continents, we’re so pleased to be partnering with AB InBev, parent of Budweiser, to create an unprecedented game experience for football fans watching the big games.

We’ve integrated the live data stream with our Bev-Top Media platform, which will translate, in real-time, live scores, game stats, fan messages, and more into content printed right on Budweiser foam during the game (in a plant-based, Red vegetable extract).

“As part of our support of football and its fans worldwide, Budweiser is committed to bringing the most innovative experiences to its fans,” says Michael Codd, AB InBev Global Martech Director of Experiential Marketing. This collaboration will take Ripples technology to the next level, delivering big data analytics and a cohesive, global brand activation to a major sponsor of the world’s biggest international sports event. We can’t wait.