Make Your Mark With Ripples

Businesses around the world use Ripples to boost their brand. By printing thoughtful designs to highlight decor styles or to showcase a special moment, the coffee printing machine helps companies extend their visual identity. Each drink showcases the unique style of the business, or a special message of the day to build brand recognition with every sip.

Caffe Dante – Cocktails Become Canvasses

Caffe Dante, a New York institution known for its meticulous attention to detail, brings art to life with  vibrant custom color-illustrated coasters and menus. With the introduction of the Jungle Blend Kit, they are extending this gorgeous green, yellow, and purple color story to their printed cocktails.

Carrera Cafe – The Heartbeat of West Hollywood

Carrera Cafe is an influencer’s dream. From their famous mural to their pink vintage telephone to their customizable coffees, this West Hollywood cafe is one of the hottest spots for social media shares in Los Angeles. By adding their own logo or hashtag on each custom-printed coffee Carrera Cafe makes sure they’re part of the cultural conversation and their own brand gets prominently displayed in every shared moment.

Cafe Lola – Insta-Worth Ambiance

Cafe Lola is a charming Las Vegas cafe, known for its Instagram-worthy decor and inviting ambiance. They’ve made a name for themself with stylish, floral-themed interiors, pastel colors, and elegant food and drinks. By mirroring key messages on their lattes the Cafe Lola name and style extends to the very last drop.

Character Cafes – A Thematic Dining Experience

Japan is famous for its character cafes and these unique spots aren’t just places to eat — guests are immersed in the world of their favorite characters through decor, themed menus, and exclusive merchandise. Equipped with Ripple Makers, Tokyo’s Pokémon Café and Peanuts Cafe both turn dining into an interactive, playful adventure when visitors select their favorite characters to adorn their lattes.

Launch Parties – Make a Buzz in Person and on Social Media

Ripples has become nearly essential for event producers around the world who need to make a splash beyond a single party. Specialty Coffee Caterer Espresso Mobil crafted custom coffees for InStyle Sport’s May Cover Launch Party in Germany and Arrvo Coffee made “Bad Boys for Latte” at a celebration of the upcoming movie Bad Boys: Ride or Die in LA. An activation with Ripples creates a fun and dynamic way for guests to engage with the media onsite, and the eye-catching drinks help extend the buzz online to a wider group of fans. (Of course, it never hurts when Will Smith posts a reel.)

Nautilus – A Party Under the Sea

Nautilus, a French cuisine restaurant in Tokyo, serves drinks in shell-shaped cups and topped with intricate Ripples prints of seashells and tropical fish, perfectly complementing the restaurant’s large aquarium setting. This charming detail not only captivates customers but also boosts social media engagement, making Nautilus a favored spot for special occasions and attracting a steady stream of influencers.

Cafe Georgetown – Unforgettable Signature Drinks

This delightful Washington D.C. cafe is known for its specialty lattes, made with their own house-made syrups and available for only a limited time each year. Standouts include lavender, rose, and cherry blossom lattes and social media posts – featuring the lattes topped with Ripples prints – announce to their friends and fans which long-awaited favorite is back on the menu.

Pink Dot Cafe – A Pink Paradise

Pink Dot Cafe calls themself a pink paradise. This delectable confection of a coffee shop serves their coffee drinks in gorgeous floral china cups and topped with pink (black carrot extract) Ripples prints. This Greek cafe is recognizable an island (or uncredited social post) away.


Ripples tech is a powerful way for brands to reinforce their visual identity through unique and creative beverage designs. This memorable visual style helps businesses from neighborhood coffee shops to major movie studios make their mark and leave a lasting impression.

Once you add Ripples to your repertoire it will take your team just ten seconds bring each foam-topped drink to the next level. Are you ready? Get Ripples.