Another round: Keeping you updated on the global alcohol industry’s response to Covid-19

February 15, 2021

When the pandemic broke out in March 2020, we examined how global brand leaders were responding to Covid-19. Industry leaders stepped up – turning alcohol into hand sanitizers, lending their factories to public authorities, donating products and profits, and more.

National alcohol associations offer valuable information

Many businesses feel overwhelmed by the massive amount of (often contradicting) information around the latest limitations and requirements. To help them find the most up-to-date details, the Brewers Association and the National Association of American Wineries have dedicated sections of their websites to inform and assist fellow industry members.

Visitors will find a checklist for reopening, links to federal loans, rules for competitions during the pandemic, news alerts, and more. These organizations work hard to gather all the latest updates and make them accessible and clear. During hard times, anything that makes life easier is a blessing.

AB InBev faces the face mask shortage

Back in March, we discussed AB InBev’s Save the Pubs initiative. In the months since then, the company has been busy with different ideas and collaborations that are all meant to help its business partners and the general public.

One of which is an incredible partnership with the Belgian mattress manufacturer, Somnis Bedding, in which the two companies have purchased a machine to manufacture face masks from recyclable textile. The companies produce 500K masks per month and donate the masks to employees and customers.

We’re always excited to see such team spirit and entrepreneurial vibe from large, well-established companies that manage to maintain a fresh and bold approach.

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Viña Concha y Toro takes things to the lab

The alcohol industry has strong scientific capabilities that came to light during the pandemic. Chilean winemaker Viña Concha y Toro, which operates molecular biology labs as part of its Center for Research and Innovation, was certified to diagnose Covid-19 and offered its services to local health organizations. The company also donated 50,000 liters of hand sanitizer.

These efforts support the need for fast diagnosis and prevention, two of the most critical elements in fighting the virus. They also demonstrate the technologically advanced nature of the industry, combining traditional methods and innovation.

Auctioning wine for a good cause

Some wine bottles have been kept for many years, waiting for just the right moment to be poured or auctioned. During the pandemic, various wine traders have auctioned rare items and donated the profits to struggling businesses and charities. Charity auctions offering remarkable wines continue to take place worldwide and bring much-needed relief.

We’ve seen such welcome initiatives from Wine Country for Restaurants as well as independent wineries and big brands. True wine lovers would appreciate the sentimental value each bottle holds and the generosity of those donating their prized possessions for a worthy cause.

Oskar Blues creates a better hand sanitizer

Our previous post included several alcohol companies that focused on manufacturing and donating hand sanitizers during the pandemic’s early days. Now, one company decided to take things further and improve the popular disinfecting material.

Craft breweries are known for their exquisite taste and attention to detail. The Oskar Blues brewery decided to use these capabilities to create a hand sanitizer that smells better and doesn’t leave users’ hands dry. The founders, father and son, established a new company under the name Stuvz to focus on this new business endeavor.

Budweiser skips the Super Bowl for vaccine awareness

There are certain things in the world we’ve learned to rely on. The sun shines every morning, winter is colder than summer, and Budweiser advertises its beer during the coveted Super Bowl commercial break. This year, after 37 consecutive years, the company announced that it would give up its slot and donate the money that would have been invested in the commercial, which is estimated at $5.6 million, to vaccine awareness education efforts.

This piece of news would have been considered earth-shattering under any other circumstances, but in a world dealing with a major crisis that affects so many people on so many levels, it just feels right.

The past year has proven that the alcohol industry is much more than a business network. It is a community that looks after its members and customers. When the pandemic is over, we’ll head over to our local pub and raise a toast to health, innovation, and camaraderie.

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