Fado Launches Interactive St. Patrick’s Day Campaign to Lift Patrons’ Spirits

March 13, 2020

  • Interactive St. Patrick’s Day campaign will see fun messages and challenges printed onto pints of stout, creating theater and excitement and cheering up visiting consumers and social media followers alike
  • Irish-themed pub chain Fadó expedites plans to use ‘bev-top’ media solution to lift customers’ spirits as Coronavirus concerns increase

Chicago, 13 March 2020 – Fadó, the Irish-themed pub chain group based in the US, is partnering with beverage-top (bev-top) media pioneer Ripples, in an innovative St. Patrick’s Day campaign designed to lift customers’ spirits during the current period of uncertainty caused by Coronavirus. Throughout its ‘weekend party’ campaign, which will run in three of Fadó’s US pubs from today until Sunday (March 13-15), customers will be able print selfies and personalized messages onto the foamy tops of pints of stout, and will be encouraged to share the fun by posting images of their designs on social media.   

Kieran Aherne, Regional Manager for Fadó Pubs, comments: “As a chain of Irish-themed pubs, St. Patrick’s Day is an especially important time for us and for our customers. It was therefore essential that we find a new and exciting way to enable people to, responsibly, make the most of this special occasion and have fun.”

The campaign is enabled with Ripples’ counter-top device, called the Ripple Maker, which prints images, logos, messages and even selfies onto the top of foam-topped beverages, using all-natural extracts.

Content will include light-hearted messages such as ‘hard work pays off in the future, laziness pays off now’, and fun challenges including ‘get the bar to sing your favourite song’. 

Aherne continues: “With Irish stout on tap and Ripples bringing the fun, we predict our customers will have a darn good time in Fadó pubs this weekend!  And the party continues with live music every day.”

The Ripples’ St. Patrick’s Day campaign will take place at the following Fadó venues: Chicago, Atlanta (Buckland Avenue), and Columbus.  

For more information about Ripples, visit:

Pub chain Fadó is using Ripple Makers to lift customers’ spirits as concerns about Coronavirus increase


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