Responding to Covid-19: How Bars & Cafes Are Using Ripples

March 25, 2020

The recent tidal wave of Covid-19 related memes underlines the power of positive content to help us cope collectively in times of crisis.

As one popular illustrator notes, “Using art and humor right is one of the most comforting things in times like this… it normalizes the situation we’re in without really ignoring the concern.“ 

At Ripples, we couldn’t agree more, and we’re touched to see how customers around the world are spreading positivity via beverage-top media to connect with audiences through social media even while they’re closed for business.

From practical safety tips, to messages of solidarity, here are a few of our favorite examples. 

Calm Vibes in Bali  

This local Bali coffee shop is staying connected with some friendly caffeine-powered advice. 

Practical Tips in Georgia 

World of Beer in Augusta Georgia, using Guinness to promote corona(virus) safety tips.

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Naturally, people react differently and coping strategies run the full range of human emotion. 

Some prefer to promote ‘business as usual’ to help us all feel a little more normal…

The Show Must Go On in Hollywood

Carrera Cafe reminding us of sunnier days. Since sharing this post, they’ve closed their doors to business in keeping with local Southern California safety measures. 

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Today’s to-do list: 1. Grind coffee. 2. Brew coffee. 3. Drink coffee. 4. Repeat.

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Some are updating customers about new modes of operation…

Curbside Service 

Elka Bee’s Coffee Shop in Oregon

Some get sentimental, like this post below from a local Boston bar reminiscing over St. Patrick’s Day. (Pandemic or no pandemic, cat memes will never go out of style.)

Celebrating St. Patrick’s Day in Spirit

And solidarity is something to which everyone can relate at the moment. So we’re seeing lots of empowering messages from all corners of the globe.

People Power in Italy

Mixologist Dennis Zoppi shakes up national morale. The following comment in Italian says “Let this moment teach us to be more united and above all more human towards everyone and everything.”

We look forward to the ‘day after’ when this is behind us and we can all go out and raise a toast with friends to how we got through it and emerged stronger together.  In the meantime, keep up the positive spirits and keep sharing uplifting content. 

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