Shaping the Future of Consumer Drink Experiences: Ripples Launches DrinkX, a Podcast by and for Beverage Experts 

April 15, 2020
  • Listen to AB InBev’s ‘Head of Passion for Beer’ on why new drink occasions are the primary drivers in product innovation, and the Area Manager for Roust Inc. on ecosystem brand education 101 and prepping for the ‘day after’ Covid-19

Tel Aviv, Israel, 15 April, 2020  – Beverage-top media company, Ripples, today launches DrinkX, a new podcast exploring the profound influence of consumer drink experiences on the beverage industry. It will discuss everything from the evolving nature of drink occasions, to digital innovations in drink marketing and new developments in customization.

Offering multiple perspectives from industry thought leaders on the drink experience, DrinkX also offers beverage professionals a shared platform for discussing new and uncharted territory caused by the current pandemic.

“As on-trade remains at a standstill and events continue to be cancelled, we are launching the DrinkX podcast to fill industry voids that have opened since the widespread outbreak of Covid-19. We want to bring relevant industry stakeholders together to see how we can continue spreading positivity during this period, and to help us all hit the ground running once it’s over,” says Ripples CEO Yossi Meshulam.

The podcast’s debut episode features Charles Nouwen, Head of Passion for Beer at AB InBev. Nouwen joined the AB InBev team 19 years ago, and in his current role, he is responsible for inspiring AB InBev’s 170,000 employees to share the company’s beer story. 

Nouwen sees a growing emphasis on visual storytelling as a means to innovation, beyond actual product development. “It’s about rethinking packaging, formats, size, artwork, design, and customization. It’s about having a message for every occasion. That’s the evolution. That’s how you stay relevant with all the choices out there.”

In episode 2, Ilan Avitsur, Area Manager for Roust Inc., the world’s 8th largest spirits producer and maker of the brands Russian Standard and Zubrowka, discusses the importance of interpersonal relations when building your career, working for global companies and growing your business. He also talks about how and what brands should do the day after 

Covid-19, when we’re all back in business. Covering the evolution from yesterday’s ‘gatekeepers’ to today’s influencers, Ilan discusses why winning them over is crucial, and the strategies he uses to do so successfully.

Additional podcasts are in the pipeline and are slated to cover topics including original research on digital innovation in the drinks space, as well as experiential drink marketing.

DrinkX is hosted by Geva Telem, Ripples’ Product Marketing Manager, an ex-bartender and bartending academy manager. The research for the podcast is done by Yifat Yudovsky, Ripples’ Head of Key Accounts Programs.

Click here to listen to the new DrinkX podcasts, or visit: For easy listening, the podcasts will also be available on all major podcast platforms including Spotify, Google Podcasts and Apple Podcasts.

If you’re a beverage industry professional with insights and opinions to share on the consumer drink experience, or you know someone who is, we’d love to hear from you and – potentially –we could provide you with a voice on DrinkX. Please contact us at [email protected] for details.  

Caption: Charles Nouwen, Head of Passion for Beer, AB InBev

Caption: Ilan Avitsur, Area Manager, Roust Inc.

Caption: DrinkX podcasts will offer multiple perspectives from industry thought leaders on the drink experience

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