DrinkX Podcast | Episode 1: Charles Nouwen, AB InBev

In this debut episode of the DrinkX podcast we talk about beer education with none other than Charles Nouwen, Head of Passion’ for Beer at AB InBev, the world’s largest brewer with nearly 30 percent market share of global beer sales by volume.

The episode starts off with Charles explaining what his awesome-sounding job title actually entails, as well as his unique qualifications for the position, which include a master’s degree in bioengineering for beer brewing, and over 20 years of experience ‘spreading the gospel of beer’.

Episode 1 Highlights

5:00 minutes in

Why is it important for people to know the insides of beer?
By ‘people’ we refer first and foremost to the nearly 180,000 employees who make up the global AB InBev team. As Head of Passion for Beer, Charles is responsible for giving these people access to education and stories about beer, including the magical transformation that happens during the brewing process, and the role that beer plays in culture and community. Armed with this knowledge, the company’s sales members and commercial partners are better equipped to help the brand cut through the competitive landscape and reach their audiences.

12:00 minutes in…

How has the industry changed in 20 years?
From the rise in cross-category beverages to new drink occasions, the drink experience has evolved more in the last 20 years than in the 10,000 years since beer was created. The challenge for brands is enormous, but so is the opportunity.

25 minutes in…

How does digital marketing play into the evolution of the beverage industry?
Nouwen sees a growing emphasis on visual storytelling as a means to innovation that is beyond actual product development. “It’s about rethinking packaging, formats, size, artwork, design, and customization. It’s about having a message for every occasion. That’s the evolution. That’s how you stay relevant with all the choice that’s out there.”

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