Ripples™ Launches Revolutionary Media Platform Leveraging Big-Data Capabilities to Increase Beverage Sales and Consumer Engagement

October 1, 2019

Tel Aviv, Israel, 10 October, 2019 – Ripples today introduces a new set of big-data analytics to its platform creating a new category for food and beverage marketers, called Beverage-Top Media.

The new big-data analytics allow brands to gauge the social media impact of different content delivered on top of beverages, as well as provide businesses with content-based recommendations to increase sales at the point of consumption.

Customers including Chandon, Cupcake Vineyards and Coffee Cartel have already leveraged Ripples’ technology to engage with consumers, reporting significant social media results and business success including: 

  • Lollapalooza Music Festival, Cupcake Vineyards – Serving ‘Frozies’, a selfie printed onto slushie-style Rosé and Sauvignon Blanc Bellini wines, they achieved over 146 million media impressions with an earned media equivalent of almost $1.5 million

  • Coffee Cartel (Bali coffee shop) – In one month, Bev-Top Media achieved a 1 million social media reach with an earned media equivalent of $9K 

  • Chandon – With scheduled deployment of 25 Ripple Makers to key Chandon bars and facilities across eight countries, the sparkling wine producer for the Moët Hennessy Group is set to turn this collaboration into an opportunity to reinvent the cocktail consumer experience.

Yossi Meshulam, Ripples CEO comments: “Since we launched Ripples four years ago, market adoption of our platform has been phenomenal. Today, thousands of businesses, large and small, are utilizing Ripples”.

“With the growing install base of Ripples and the vast amount of data we’ve been able to aggregate and analyze over the years, we created a new set of big-data capabilities to better utilize this medium – called Bev-Top Media. With the new data tools, Ripples now provides analysis of content trends online and at the point of consumption to help businesses increase the effectiveness of their marketing campaigns. 

The new Ripples customized performance reports include content analysis such as:

  • Industry, geography and seasonal-based content statistics with recommendations to help businesses maximize traffic and drive sales at the point of consumption 
  • Ripples Content recommendations to drive consumer engagement on social media
  • Extraction of earned media value from Ripples-based content on social media


Chandon partnered with Ripples to Launch the World’s First Global Interactive Cocktail Experience. The success of this collaboration which started at VivaTech 2019 in Paris, is planned to continue at key Chandon bars and facilities across eight countries including the USA, Canada, Argentina, Brazil, India, Japan, France and Australia.

“Our partnership with Ripples represents a really exciting opportunity for Chandon to share sparkling moments with consumers around the world,” comments Morgane Pont-Bruyns, Chandon Trade Marketing & Innovation Director.


“Leveraging new Chandon cocktails developed specifically for the Ripples campaign, we not only showcase the quality of our sparkling wines, but by printing customized messages on to cocktail foam, we also interact with our consumers in a completely different way, live, and worldwide. This provides consumers with the ideal medium for sharing their Chandon experience via social media, and also perfectly demonstrates the innovative nature of our business.”

Yossi Meshulam concludes: “We’re really excited to officially launch our new Bev-Top Media platform, supported by new big-data capabilities – now enabling customer campaigns to be more sophisticated, more targeted, more effective and ultimately, more profitable. For those businesses looking to better engage consumers, especially millennials, this has already proved to be the perfect medium for cutting through the ‘digital’ noise – the nirvana of modern marketing.”


Ripples Bev-Top Media – Example Dashboard

Ripples Bev-Top Media – Turning drinks into a valuable marketing and communications opportunity 

Editors Notes:


The technology behind Bev-Top Media


Bev-Top Media is powered by the Ripple Maker AM and Ripple Maker PM IoT devices. The Ripple Maker AM, designed for morning beverages, uses natural coffee extract to customize any foam-topped cup of coffee. The Ripple Maker PM help brands increase customer engagement via night-time beverages. Using natural malt and carrot-based extract, foam-topped beers and cocktails become canvases for brands and businesses to connect with consumers. The Ripple Maker also includes a constantly updated content library, and businesses can add their own exclusive original content.


About Ripples

RipplesTM is the world’s leading bev-top media company that offers the Hospitality and Food & Beverages industries creative solutions to increase consumer engagement, strengthen customer loyalty, and build brand awareness   With the RipplesTM Ripple Maker, businesses serving foam-topped drinks can create personal interactions with their customer. Images can be customized and branded and can be updated daily to support ongoing promotional activities, leading to positive real-time interactions, location-based social media shares, and long-term brand awareness. Ripples includes a constantly updated content library, t and recently introduced new big data analytics tools which allow brands to measure the impact of bev-top on sales, as well as on customer engagement for social media. 


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