December 17, 2017

We are happy to announce that JetChill, the theatrical mixology & gastronomy company, has been appointed to offer the revolutionary Ripple Maker™ to hospitality businesses across the UK. The Ripple Maker is a Wi-Fi-enabled countertop device that prints beautiful high-resolution images and messages directly on to any foam-topped drink, such as cappuccino, Nitro-brewed coffee and foam-topped cocktails, providing hospitality business with a completely new way to interact and engage with their customers.

JetChill will market Ripples to their diverse customer base in the UK bar, restaurant and venue market, as part of a selective catalogue of theatrical bar and catering equipment systems. JetChill is the global distributor of JetChill, the world’s first dry-ice drinks system, alongside Glass Chill and the Cyclone Tower drinks dispenser. JetChill is already well established in the food and drink market counting many renowned restaurants, bars, night clubs, hotels, casinos, theme parks, coffee shops and cruise lines, as well as a number of high-wealth individuals, among its customers.

Monkey print on cocktail

“We have already received interest for Ripples from all kinds of venues and hospitality businesses who are looking for a stand out product,” remarks Robert Flunder, Co-Founder of JetChill. “When people go out to a bar or restaurant these days, they want an extraordinary experience that they can also share with their friends or family, a “Selfieccino”. Ripples’ printed decoration has huge appeal for all ages, whether you’re serving cocktails or hot drinks, so we see a huge opportunity for Ripples in the venue market.”

“JetChill is well established in the market for great products that ‘Create A Reaction’, making them an ideal representative for Ripples,” says Yossi Meshulam, CEO, Ripples. “Ripples aims to inspire ingenious ways for businesses to interact with their guests, and has already been proved to have a positive impact on customer retention and revenues for some of the world’s top brands. Through JetChill, we’re excited to be opening up new possibilities for hospitality businesses and venues to enhance their customers’ experience and develop a connection.”

JetChill started out offering the Jet Chill system – which creates a dry ice effect for food and drinks – for events, and thanks to high demand, quickly developed the system for retail. Since the launch of the commercial system, JetChill units have been sold in over 50 countries to customers ranging from independent coffee shops to The Wynn Hotel and Casino Las Vegas. JetChill expects that Ripples will also see strong demand from their existing customer base.

“With Ripples, you have almost limitless possibilities for creativity at the touch of a button,” concludes Robert Flunder. “Our customers have found that they are able to recoup their investment in theatrical products such as Ripples very quickly, gaining great exposure on social media, while it also delivers the added value of a memorable experience that builds brand loyalty.”

Ripples was launched across Europe in September 2017, and has already demonstrated its powerful effect for many of the world’s leading brands, including Hilton Hotels & Resorts, Lavazza, Marco Polo Hotels, Shangri-La, The Four Seasons, Starwood, Twitter and IBM.

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