15 of the Coolest Baristas and Latte Artists to Follow on Social

December 12, 2017

For the past few years, latte art has been taking the world by storm, giving baristas a creative outlet and a surprising canvas. By using a cup of coffee, a number of tools and a lot of imagination, these top 15 baristas will blow your mind with their incredibly intricate and beautifully original latte art designs. We salute them. And they inspire us to create better and better Ripples designs.

Giuseppe Fiorini

Ranking 7th at the 2016 World Championship of Latte Art, Italian coffee artist Giuseppe Fiorini wows his fans worldwide with his intricate and beautiful pieces of art. Owner of “Insolito Cafè” in Syracuse, he’s renowned for his creations, each one presented on a delicious cup of coffee.

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Dritan Alsela

Hailing from Dusseldorf, Germany, Dritan Alsela is the owner of a few popular cafes, all of which expertly craft coffee from beginning to end. Having found his passion for latte art accidentally, Alsela says that his career started with a genuine passion for coffee, and that’s what fuels his artwork. We met Dritan recently at Host Milano, watch his reaction when he gets his first Ripples coffee.

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Kazuki Yamamoto

Latte art in an increasingly popular art form in Japan; Yamamoto began creating these works of art years ago. Using only simple tools, the Osaka-based barista does detailed drawings and even 3D creations on his lattes at Cafe10g.

3Dラテアート『ピカチュウ』 #3dlatteart #latteart #pikachu #pokemon

A post shared by George Latte Art (@george_10g) on

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Lee Kagbin

Van Gogh returns! South Korean latte artist Lee Kagbin is a master at his craft, recreating even famous paintings on the tops of his lattes. His most famous, a striking copy of ‘Starry Night,’ gained so much attention that it became a top order at his cafe.

A post shared by 이강빈 (@leekangbin91) on

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Melannie Aquino

 Otherwise known as Melaquino, a San Francisco based barista, Meannie has made her mark on the coffee world with her incredible latte masterpieces.  With more than 24 thousand followers on Instagram, she continuously wows the world with her elaborate creations. Follow her to see more of her work!

Happy Birthday Harry Potter! #harrypotter #sf #latteart #lattesketch

A post shared by Melaquino (@melaquino) on

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Michael Breach

Affectionately dubbed ‘Coffee Portrait Artist to the Stars,’ Michael Breach has blown open a whole area of coffee art by painstakingly recreating famous faces on cups of coffee. Michael’s artwork is amazing. If you’re not rich and famous (or can’t make it to Brooklyn), you don’t have to wait to have your portrait on your coffee – just upload a selfie of yourself to your nearest Ripple Maker and enjoy your own, original Ripples “Selfieccino”:

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Daphne Tan

You haven’t seen latte art until you’ve seen Daphne’s absolutely breathtaking designs. Based in Singapore, Daphne continues to do latte art as her hobby. Differing from other latte artists, she builds her artwork with foam, giving each design a unique almost 3D look. Just WOW!

A post shared by DAPHNE TAN (@periperipeng) on

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Mattsun is a Japanese latte artist who began his journey in Tokyo. While working in an Italian restaurant, he drew his first latte art and found his talent. Since then, he has made hundreds of different creations, each more beautiful and elaborate than the last.


— まっつん@ラテアーティスト@リシュー (@latte_artist_jk) August 12, 2017

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Imelda Morris

Though she claims to be an amateur, Imelda’s latte art is some of the best. Each of her lattes feature a perfectly executed character or theme. You won’t want to miss out on any of Imelda’s amazing creations!

Adventure is out there….#adventure #adventuretime #adventurethatislife #adventuretravel #adventureawaits #travel #mountains #butfirstcoffee #coffee #coffeelife #latte #latteart #coffeelover #coffeetime #coffeeaddict #amateurcoffeeartist

— Imelda Morris (@MorrisImelda) November 30, 2017

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Viki Rahardja

Not only is Viki a latte artist, he also teaches his own workshops and teaches budding latte artists the tips and tricks of the craft. He was a proud finalist at the 2014 Indonesia Latte Art Championship. Just beautiful!

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Cortney Kern

Cortney’s business, BaristaManiac, has rightfully garnered attention from all over the world— his latte art creations are whimsical and intricate. Each one is usually accompanied by a funny caption or pun, making his posts all the more enjoyable.

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Arnon Thitiprasert

Winner of the 2017 World Latte Art Championship, Arnon is making his mark in the latte art world. His delicate designs won over the judges and crowd, bringing home the competition for Arnon and securing his title as one of the world best latte artists. Follow Arnon’s beautiful art here:

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Angie Chun

Angie Chun is a latte artist hailing from Orange County. She is a barista at Coffee Code and was the 1st place winner at the 2015 US Latte Art Championship. The majority of her creations are floral and are all poured to perfection. Flowers anyone?

A post shared by Angie Chun (@angie_chun) on

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Brian Leonard:

Named Toronto’s Best Latte Artist, Brian has gained his fame fairly with his stunning latte creations. Designing everything from portraits to abstract designs, Brian continues to work as a talented barista and artist at Toronto’s Tokyo Smoke. You are going to want to see more.

A post shared by @baristabrian on

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Eldric Kuzma

Owning his own coffee shop in Canada, Eldric has made a business out of his love for coffee. In addition to running his shop, he has also been a finalist in every latte art competition he has ever been in, proving himself to be one of Canada’s best. Wish we could visit!

A post shared by Aubade Coffee (@aubadecoffee) on

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We hope you enjoyed stepping into the world of some of social media’s most talented and awe-inspiring latte and coffee artists. We bow down to their skills and artistry, and hope that all our chosen Baristas recognize in Ripples a friend willing to take latte art to a whole new level and as a way to bring artistic creations to the masses.

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