This Holiday Season, Deck the Cups With Bev-Top Media

November 11, 2020

For brands worldwide, the holiday season isn’t just around the corner – it’s already here. From mega online sales to gift shopping, this festive period’s business influence is in full power and holiday branding is the focal point. If you’re looking for original solutions that will elevate your brand around this critical period, look no further. Here are three solid reasons to embrace bev-top media right now. 

Drinkable Decorations

When preparing for this holiday season, brands should keep in mind that this year is slightly different, to put it mildly. The holidays of 2020 will not include the same celebrations and traditions we’re used to, and brands need to step up their creativity game more than ever.

In-store decorations, which are used to get customers in the holiday spending spirit and invite them to enter stores, have become almost redundant. Many businesses worldwide remain closed, and plenty of restaurants and cafés only offer take-out options. Since these decorations can increase sales and remind shoppers of holiday specials, brands could use an alternative.
With bev-top media, they can decorate foam-based beverages like coffee and beer and let customers take the holiday spirit to-go. Show your target audience that you haven’t given up on the holidays and still have a lot to offer. 

Christmas foam printed coffee mugs

Holiday Cheers

Drinks and holidays go hand in hand, from Starbucks’ holiday menu to your aunt’s secret eggnog recipe. Research shows that people drink twice as much around this season, with many drinks combining hot beverages and alcohol. In some regions, holiday markets offer hot mulled wine, and breweries release special beers that are only available once a year. These aren’t just drinks; they’re special events. 

Adding your branding to an activity that seamlessly connects with the overall holiday vibe is the most natural and authentic way of extending your brand. It allows your company to take part in a joyous, memorable moment.

Blissful Branding

Speaking of branding, Marketing teams worldwide work around the clock this time of year to craft original messages and creative campaigns. Many of them focus their efforts on digital channels such as social media, which have become the #1 channel for capturing customers’ attention and have an exceptional ability to influence purchasing decisions. It should come as no surprise that Facebook, for instance, chose to expand Instagram Shopping and other eCommerce activities in time for the holidays. 

Bev-top media offers an original way for social media specialists to create and share an impactful message with audiences. By printing special offers on drinks and surrounding them with holiday-themed accessories, Marketing pros can catch social media users’ attention and invite them to enjoy the brand’s promotions for Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and any other event. 

Social Greetings

Brands aren’t the only ones preparing particular messages for the holidays. Individuals and families send greeting cards and Christmas letters to loved ones and are also looking to express themselves and demonstrate their creative and unique character. Studies show that Christmas is the most popular holiday for greeting cards. The Ripples Web App allows brands to invite customers to print personal images and messages of their choice. During the holidays, brands can suggest this option to customers and be featured in their holiday greetings.

New year printed cocktail top

Ho, ho, how to get it right:

  1. Be festive: Prepare in advance with several holiday-themed messages to be printed using the Ripple Maker. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered, but any original idea you might have is welcome. 
  2. But don’t forget who you are: Your holiday Ripples prints should work naturally with your overall brand language. Don’t let the holidays take over completely, and stay true to the values and messages you normally represent. 
  3. Guide your audience: Your customers aren’t mind readers. If you want them to feature your printed cups on social media or print their own holiday greetings, let them know. 
  4. Set the mood: For the perfect Instagram image, surround your printed cup with relevant decorations and accessories. Be inclusive and remember to mention all the holidays celebrated by different audiences.
  5. Base your decisions on data: Combine your holiday prints with the images and text that proved effective in your industry and region. Check out our F&B Data Insights to find out more.

To get your brand in the holiday spirit and offer festive bev-top prints to customers, contact us and we’ll make sure to get your Ripple Maker ready at Santa’s workshop. 

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