Royal Beach Hotels Make Waves With Touching Coffee Prints

November 8, 2020

Like many other authorities worldwide, during the COVID-19 pandemic, the Israeli government imposed guidelines and restrictions on businesses. These preventive measures included closing hotels across the country for several months numerous times during the outbreak. Needless to say, hotels suffered a significant loss due to these regulations and wanted to protest and influence the government’s decisions.  

The Royal Beach Hotels are part of the Israeli Isrotel hotel chain and include two beachside locations in Eilat and Tel-Aviv. Thanks to the hotels’ strong reputation and perfect location, they are normally busy hosting tourists and locals who come to enjoy some sunny R&R. The hotels use the Ripple Maker regularly to send guests warm, welcoming notes throughout their vacation.  

The Royal Beach hotels found a creative way of doing so which embodies their spirit as places dedicated to hospitality. The hotels used the Ripple Maker to print messages calling the government to keep local hotels open. Prints included “Don’t shut us down!” and “Keep hotels open.” Guests became ambassadors of the activist campaign and helped spread the message by sharing pictures of their coffee cups on social media. 

Watch the article excerpt here (English subtitles supported):

This creative and moving initiative caught the attention of leading news channels who filmed a segment entirely dedicated to the hotels’ struggle, featuring the printed coffee cups and guests’ supportive reactions.

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