Sipping Cocktails with Super Mario

July 15, 2019

The universal reaction to Ripples is a mix of awe and delight, so we’re used to stealing the show at branded events and launches. But when the brand hosting the event is Nintendo – well, competition for the spotlight is fierce. What’s clear is that Nintendo fans LOVE Nintendo. This crowd was seriously powered up!

The occasion was the launch of Nintendo’s second global retail store in Tel Aviv. As expected the new gamers mecca sells a mind-boggling variety of all things Nintendo, including video games, switch consoles, and accessories that are exclusive to the store.

Stephan Bole Nintendo

It’s kind of a big deal as the Japanese gaming giant hasn’t opened a retail location since the launch of  Pokemon World in New York in 2001 (later branded as Nintendo World in 2005, and again as Nintendo New York in 2016). Another flagship store is scheduled to launch soon in  Tokyo’s young and thriving Shibuya district.

For the Tel Aviv launch, Ripples created drink content themed as some of Nintendo’s most popular characters and served up branded cocktails to VIP guests, influencers, media, journalists and Nintendo executives (including virgin versions for all the kiddos).

We had a blast!

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