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July 30, 2019

Our team of in-house illustrators and copywriters are always serving up fresh creative for your foam-topped drinks. Below is just a featured sample of our favorite Ripples for the month of August, which include a tribute to Andy Warhol, classic beer ads, the 80th anniversary of The Wizard of Oz, and a standout line-up of celebrity birthdays. To maximize DOI (delight on investment!) we recommend sharing new designs with your customers using the Ripples App, on Instagram, or by customizing your own printable in-store menu. Login to the Ripples Cloud to browse our full collections.


New Series: Wizard of Oz 80th Anniversary

Lions and tigers and bears and – oh my! – can you believe it’s been 80 years since the release of this classic? We tried to capture the very best of the film’s imaginative iconography, though it was hard to pare down to just twelve drink designs. Here’s a sample of our favorites. 

Wizard of Oz illustrationWizard of Oz Tin man illustration

New Series: Classic Beer Ads

These fun Ripples are reminiscent of classic 1950s beer advertising and will make you feel nostalgic even if you were born in 1980. Like washed denim or the Rolling Stones, some things just never go out of style.

It's beer o'clock Alcohol you later

Series Spotlight: Celebrity Birthdays

Astrologically-speaking, most of August is ruled by the creatively expressive sign of Leo, the drama kings and queens of the zodiac. So it’s no surprise that this month has a talented line-up of celebrity birthdays!

madonnaJack Black


August Staff Picks: The Andy Warhol Collection

Andy Warhol may have coined the term 15 minutes of fame, but his influential pop art still attracts the spotlight more than half a century later. To celebrate what his birthday on August 6th, we re-produced some of his most notable works for inspired drinking.

Andy Warhol CollectionAndy Warhol POP Art

New Series: Wimbledon

Summer is in full swing – and you know what else is? These Wimbledon Ripples! Serve these up on your favorite drinks while marveling at some of history’s top tennis serves! 

Wimbledon illustration You got served

Series Spotlight: World Emoji Day

Here are some fun facts about emojis in honor of World Emoji Day on July 15th. 

  • Current number of emojis: 2,823
  • 😂is the most popular emoji on Twitter
  • ❤ is the most popular emoji on Instagram

And according to the World Economic Forum: “Once favoured by texting teenagers, now they’re the preserve of politicians, celebrities and big-name brands – used to communicate nuanced messages and to cross language barriers.”

in-love Emoji wink Emoji

July Staff Picks: US Independence Day

Why wait for evening fireworks? Add some extra sparkle to your Independence Day celebrations as early as your morning coffee with these holiday-inspired 4th of July Ripples! 

US Independence Day 4th of July

New Series! Artist Spotlight: Keith Haring

This month we’re featuring a special collection of art-inspired Ripples that pay homage to the iconic works of Keith Haring. Created by our talented in-house illustrator and graffiti artist, Noam Dooshy, these Ripples evoke New York City street culture of the 1980s blended with our fun libatious motifs.

Keith Haring 1Keith Haring2

June Staff Picks: World Oceans Day

June 8th is World Oceans Day, a growing global celebration in honor of the planet’s largest shared resource. Our oceans generate most of the air we breathe, help feed us, regulate our climate — and connect us all. World Oceans Day provides a unique opportunity to better  understand the impact of our collective daily actions, so skip those plastic lids and share these Ripples to show your support!

sea horse World Oceans Day

June Staff Picks: Father’s Day

June 16th marks Father’s Day in the US. This year,  drop the boring ties and useless knick-knacks, and let’s treat fathers everywhere to some quality time together over coffee or beer with these dad-inspired doodles and quotes that are sure to be appreciated.

if at first you don't succeed call dad Dad well done!

Series Spotlight: International Yoga Day

You probably don’t realize just how many of your customers practice yoga, but with these fresh yoga-inspired Ripples, you’ll soon find out. So bring those iced-chai lattes back to the menu and add some Krishna Das tracks to your morning playlist. Namaste!

Yoga simbol Yoga Day

Series Spotlight: Star Wars Day

Yep, it’s a real thing. Star Wars Day originally sprouted up as a grassroots event initiated by fans, and has since been officially adopted by the movie’s production company Lucasfilm.  The celebration date, May 4th, was chosen as a pun on the cult movie’s catchphrase: May the Fourth Be With You. Here at Ripples, we’re more than happy to run with that pun theme, as you can see in some of these featured designs below!

Star Wars Dark side coffee Star Wars Drink this coffee

Series Spotlight: Mother’s Day Ripples

Treat mom to an extra special brunch this Mother’s Day, May 12th, with fun Ripples that show just how much she’s appreciated (and which she can brag about to her friends!) Our favorite Ripple honoring this holiday is the ‘Best Mom’ heart tattoo. Unlike permanent ink on your bicep, she’ll be delighted to see this served up on a frothy cappuccino or chai latte with 100% natural drink ink.

Best mom Happy Mother’s Day

May Staff Picks: Buddha’s Birthday

Buddha’s birthday is celebrated in 18 countries throughout East Asia, as well as Australia, Brazil, Canada, and the United States. According to Buddhist scripture, Prince Siddhartha Gautama was born in present day Nepal approximately 2,500 years ago. These Ripples honor his life and teachings which continue to instruct billions of people throughout the globe on attaining enlightenment and ending  suffering. (Just don’t ask us to give up our attachment to coffee.)

Buddha Buddha 2

Series Spotlight: Earth Day 2019

April 22 marks Earth Day number 49. According to the Earth Day Network, this global event is celebrated by more than 1 billion people in 192 countries and is the largest civic-focused day of action in the world. Let’s all do our best to spread the message on Earth Day and every day, so we can make it to 2 billion by 2020! These potent Earth Day Ripples are a fun and engaging way to show your support.

Earth DaySave the earth

April Staff Picks: Spring Fever

Spring is officially in the air and we’ve been chasing butterflies and sniffing wildflowers – as you’ll see in this month’s featured Ripples! So get those Ripples-topped drinks to go (in a reusable cup, of course) and immerse yourself in the beauty of the year’s most delightful season.


New Series: Holy Birthday, Batman!

March 30th honors the 80th ‘birthday’ of the Batman, or at least his first appearance in Detective Comics. Ripples is lighting up the Dark Night’s special occasion with fun Batman-themed designs. Pow to the Bang!

Batman batsBatman

February Staff Picks: Year of the Pig

February 5th celebrates the start of Chinese New Year. Each year is associated with a different animal from the Chinese Zodiac, and 2019 is th year of the pig—which symbolizes wealth and good fortune in Chinese culture. Hopefully, enjoying  this Ripples collection will bring you lots of  both!

Year of the Pig 1Year of the Pig 2

Series Spotlight: Valentine’s Day Ripples

This Valentine’s Day, the most delightful way to say ‘I love you’ is with our fun collection of romantic Ripples on your coffee, beer and cocktails. Inside tip: these Ripples are too cute to be limited to just one day a year, so you’ll want to start ordering them well before February 14th! (They’ll be available in the first week of the month.)

Valentine’s Day Bee mineCalculator Love U

New Series! Hip Hops Beer Ripples

Inspired by our talented Ripples illustrator and DJ/Street Artist, Noam Dooshy, these Hip Hops Beer Ripples are a fun mash-up of iconic references to hip hop culture and classic beer advertisements from the 1950s. Don’t miss the short making-of video on our Instagram page below!

Chug lifeRipples Hip Hops


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