Meet the Team – Noam Roitman

Noam Roitman joined Ripples at HQ outside of Tel Aviv, Israel just over a year ago as part of Customer Success to lead our Global Support team.

1. What brought you to Ripples?
I have vast experience in Customer Success, Customer Support, and Business Development. I saw the job posting on LinkedIn and the rest is history.

2. What’s a typical day look like for you?
It begins with a COFFEE, team meeting, emails, putting out fires, COFFEE, tasks, more meetings, COFFEE, and fun.

3. You oversee the Customer Support team – can you tell us about that?
I’ve implemented a new approach that I’m calling “Up-Support”, so that our support representatives can do more than just troubleshoot or solve issues, they can be industry experts and a resource for our customers.

Just like there are “Apple Geniuses” we have “Ripples Masters”, and our team is here to ensure that Ripples customers know exactly what to do to find success with their Ripple Makers.

To that goal, I’ve also redefined the onboarding process to last for an entire year with trainings, check-ins, and suggestions tailored for each location. It’s so important to us to build real relationships with our customers. Right now we have a 4.17 (out of 5) Customer Satisfaction score, and I’m of course committed to seeing that go higher, but our true goal is for all of our customers to be a success, and to share best practices across regions and industries.  If we can do that we’re on the right track.

4. What’s your favorite example of how a customer uses Ripples?
I really like what Guinness is doing in the Storehouse in Dublin, Ireland. This month I was also able to join one of our favorite catering customers at the Israeli Presidential residence as they served custom cocktails topped with Israeli and US flags at a reception during President Biden’s visit.

5. What’s been your biggest surprise working with Ripples customers?
I’m always surprised by the enjoyment our customers get out of our product. I always hear “wow” and that really motivates me to keep going.

6. What’s your favorite foam-topped drink?
In the mornings I like a classic café latte. On the weekend I like a fancy passion fruit cocktail. I choose a new design every day.