Why are digital coffee printers becoming more popular?

It’s fair to say that most customers expect baristas to pour latte art for their milk-based coffee drinks – and rightly so. Not only do crisp, high-contrast latte art designs add to a beverage’s aesthetic appeal, they also showcase the barista’s skills and passion for specialty coffee.

In line with this, latte art will always serve an important role in coffee shops. However, in recent years, the industry’s growing reliance on automation and push for innovation have led to the development of more unique beverage technology. This includes digital printers – also known as latte art printers.

These machines are able to print a wide range of high-resolution images and designs directly onto beverages, such as milk-based coffee drinks, cocktails, and beer.

Considering the need to stand out more than ever before, more and more coffee shops around the world are investing in digital printers to differentiate themselves.

So how do these systems work and what are the benefits of using them? To find out, I spoke to Yossi Meshulam, co-founder and CEO of Ripples.

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