10 St. Patrick’s Day Drinks Recipes

In honor of a certain mid-March holiday, and our newest color options Green-Yellow-Magenta drink prints, we’ve compiled some of the luckiest-looking recipes from around the web. Each with delicious foam or frosting on top so that you can add the perfect finishing touch with the Ripple Maker.

For Shaemus Shake Espresso Martini

Yellow King

This Connecticut company serves up a new flight of espresso martinis every season. Their St. Patrick’s-inspired concoction features Vanilla Mint Shake Baileys, Black Star Espresso and White Mocha Mint Green Cold Foam.

Black Velveteen

Chicago Gaelic Park

A Black Velvet combines stout and champagne. For the “poor man’s” version this Irish Pub combined Magner’s Cider and Guinness. We can raise a glass to that.

Boozy Lucky Charms Cereal Milkshakes with Marshmallow Frosting

How Sweet Eats

With marshmallow vodka, vanilla ice cream, marshmallow frosting – plus several large handfuls of the marshmallow hearts, stars, and rainbows from a box of lucky charms – this decadent concoction is magically delicious.

Iced Matcha Latte

Café Georgetown

This light and energizing matcha latte is perfect any time of the year. And with Café Georgetown’s brilliant recipes and inspired house-made syrups it definitely tops our list. Visit them if you’re in D.C.!

Drunken Leprechaun

Sugar and Charm

A perfect March cocktail featuring a Guinness reduction and Irish Whiskey.

Irish Coffee

The Bartender’s Guild at FIU

We love the student leaders at FIU, and are so excited to see what they’re already bringing to our industry. This year for National Irish Coffee Day club president Isabella shared this fantastic recipe featuring Lavazza coffee, Irish whiskey aged in rum barrels, and a vanilla cream float.

Midori Sour

Very sweet. Very green. Perfect whether you’re lounging by the pool or chasing a leprechaun.

The titular bright green liqueur launched in the United States at the famed NYC nightclub Studio 54. A drink with credentials like this can turn any event into a party.

We’re a fan of this recipe from A Grateful Meal

Pot of Gold


This smoky, spicy take on a whiskey sour would be a welcome find at the end of any rainbow.

Key Lime Pie Smoothie

Healthful Pursuit

Sweetened by a banana and getting its green from 2 cups of spinach, this pie-inspired smoothie is a tangy, refreshing treat.


Classics are classics for a reason and a pint of Guinness is the quintessential St. Paddy’s Day drink. Don’t forget to add a little flair with the Guinness Foam Art Machine!